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Some thoughts on NXT TakeOver: The End…

Too long since I’ve written about wrestling. Here’s something, a few stray thoughts from last night’s NXT TakeOver special:

  • Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas has a mouthful of a moniker (does he need the nickname in the middle?) and his entrance gear is Los Boricuas cosplay. Leave the goofy hat, braces and linen trousers at home, and you might be on to a winner with the former Sombra.
  • Also, didn’t Tye Dillinger look great in that opener? Someone’s angling hard for that main-roster call-up.

  • The Revival winning the tag titles again is maybe the start of something good. Face teams like Jordan and Gable are better at chasing heels rather than fending them off. And now they have the as-yet-unnamed Authors of Pain to deal with. Looking forward to more.
  • I didn’t recognise Paul Ellering, but as soon as Corey Graves said the name it clicked and I popped. Does the man not age? Bonus points for no Rocco. – Shinsuke and Aries was the longest match on the show, and maybe ran a little too long for a bout with nothing much at stake. The build-up, and commentary throughout, could have played on the notion that they’re rivals in the pecking order, but didn’t. So I wasn’t much invested in the middle of it, sorry. Still love ya, Shinsuke.
  • Nia Jax is so close to being great for someone who’s only been wrestling a year. There’s a bit near the end of the match where she screams at Asuka, sheer rage and intensity, and you can finally see all the potential that’s obscured by her theme music (it’s not appropriate for a heel), her ring gear (go back to the one with the ribbing, it’s much more badass) and her current character (more mean, less Mean Girls, please).
  • Another TakeOver, another main event that suffered from a more heated encounter immediately preceding (I can’t be the only one more excited for Women’s Title matches) and the lack of a cooldown spot. Like, couldn’t they send Mojo Rawley out there to job to a debutante in two minutes or something? In any case, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and watch it again later in isolation.
  • That was some trick fitting the cage in Full Sail, wasn’t it? Props to whoever came up with that engineering solution. Something for an article there on WWE.com, no?