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Weeknotes #788

So I’ve finally got the hang of changing down to the lowest gears on my hybrid, which means I can tackle those steep climbs on the road from Dundalk to Newry. And boy are they steep.

This morning I conquered the first half of that route, a 20km round trip to Jonesborough, just over the border. I won’t say it wasn’t a challenge — it took me almost twice as long to get there as it did to get back — but first gear on the smallest chain ring at least made it possible without my legs falling off.

The other good thing is that my journey north this morning comprised pretty much the steepest section of the full route to Newry. I’m not counting here the ridiculous 3km climb south from Newry city centre, which I’ll be walking when I go for the complete round trip. Not sure when I’ll be doing that just yet; the weather needs to be on my side (not to sunny, not too cold, not too windy and no rain if I can help it).

But yeah, I just cycled to another country. Go me.