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My Letterboxd reviews of Blood Rage, Raw Force and Train to Busan

Blood Rage:

I get passion for the genre and nostalgia for the era and everything, but mid-80s drive-in-filler slasher Blood Rage is just plain bad. There’s some intelligence behind the kills, and in the occasional non-sequitur weirdness. But overall? What a waste of a good idea.

Raw Force:

Boobs, biceps and bullshit in this made-to-order exploitation mash-up that would probably work better if it were a straightforward martial arts actioner, as opposed to the awkward parodic comedy — by way of MAS*H and The Love Boat — that it tries to be for far too much of its brief running time.

Train to Busan:

First Snowpiercer, now Train to Busan: are rail-based Korean sci-fi/horror flicks a genre now? In any case, this one puts its victims through the ringer in a believably chaotic zombie doomsday scenario that’s only really let down by its excessive duration (it’s a good half-hour too long) and its propensity to linger on various side stories and subplots when the claustrophobic intensity of the situation, and the survivors’ improvised reactions, is its unique selling point.