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Horror film linkdump

Logan Marshall Green in The Invitation

Bit late for Hallowe’en, this, but horror films are for any time of year, and I hope the following links give you and me both some inspiration for viewing as the darkness sets in.

  • TimeOut’s 100 best horror films: I won’t quibble with the order, that’s futile; this is more a reminder of the great films I still haven’t seen yet, and there are lot of those here.
  • The 30 Weirdest Horror Movies of the 1970s: I’ve actually seen a couple of these, and I can vouch for their weirdness, so this list will come in handy when I’m in the mood (and trust me, you need to be in the mood to process this kind of weirdness). Also from io9 is this list of streamable horror but quite a few aren’t available here through official channels so YMMV.
  • 20 Essential Horror Films Directed by Women: That there Cheryl Eddy at io9 is pretty good with her lists, and this one highlights a bunch you might have missed, as I know I have (though personally I’d recommend Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation over Jennifer’s Body).
  • Long Live The New Flesh: A Halloween Guide To Transgressive Horror: Sean Kitching’s thoughts here are like Moviedrome intros in text form.
  • Time Destroys All Things: Irreversible Reassessed: Just the one film here, but what a film. I’ve only seen Gaspar Noé’s output since this one, so I can’t judge his previous films, but going by what I have seen, this is the only one worth the effort. And it does require effort, as it is a harrowing piece of work, provocative but not exploitative, and very much a film that confronts men with the terror we have wrought on the world. There were walkouts when I saw it at the cinema on its original release, and I can’t help thinking they missed the point.