Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #805-806

A few things to close out January:

  • I documented the redesign of this website last week. The visual aspects came swifter than I expected; the scripting stuff caused more frustration. But I still got there within a matter of days. Since then I’ve tweaked things a little, adding a post format template for videos, and the FitVids jQuery plugin to make video embeds resize fluidly in tandem with the responsive grid; it doesn’t work for Mixcloud iframes, however, I think because they’re widgets drawing from too many variables.
  • Over on Afloat.ie I wrote up a thing on Annalise Murphy’s Sailor of the Year win. Usually my contributions aren’t as lengthy or as live-wire as that, writing up and editing and CMSing on the fly, as the quotes come in. That’s modern journalism for you. And I should sell myself more on it.

And a few more things:

  • I have a new film review up on Thumped, for the anti-Nazi courtroom drama Denial, that was a little late due to a few longer-than-average days midweek subbing and laying out newspaper pages.
  • I watched the Royal Rumble live on Sunday night, and NXT TakeOver on delay a few hours before. I’ll flesh out some thoughts on both when time allows.
  • The week ahead: press screening pencilled in for midweek; deadline for another film review on Thursday; more music promos to listen to and write about to finish this very delayed roundup; the usual production planning and briefs; and episode 17 of Enlarged Heart Radio, which I need to produce this afternoon. So I’ll leave it at that.