Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #800-804

Halfway through January already? I suppose I should write up something about the last few weeks, so.

Work deadlines and overruns made me a ball of stress that didn’t release till Bee and I arrived in Galway for a short break before Christmas. I’m an anxious traveller, not about the actual going from A to B but the fretting about connections and bookings and whatnot.

We had a fine time, but I’m out of practice in terms of being able to switch off for more than a day at a time. Next time will be better, and that’s a promise to myself as much as anything.

Christmas at home was quiet and good, but seasonal lurgy lingered. It’s this weird weather, temperatures veering from freezing to double digits. It snowed this morning (not a lot, though it stuck for a while) yet it’s set to reach 11C on Sunday. Climate change sceptics can stick it.

I’ve been writing every day, whether for work or leisure, which is a good thing. I could do more, though, and better. I made a list on Letterboxd of all the film reviews I wrote for Thumped last year, 38 in all. I wrote feck-all about music, despite my previous bleatings. That’s my main task for this first month of 2017: finish this round-up I’ve been drafting for ages and start the year on a cleanish slate. More episodes of Enlarged Heart Radio to come, as well (the next is already prepped for the weekend).

My other project is a more technical one: moving this site over to WordPress. The hard part, as I feel like I’ve written here before, is getting my head around the dynamic publishing model (I’ve always had Movable Type set up to publish static pages) and adapting my templates to WordPress requirements. It’s a long time since I’ve done much handcoding. I expect to break things, but it’s not like the old days when that mattered; who links to this place anymore? Anyway, I can probably set up my htaccess file to rewrite and redirect archive links, once I relearn how to do that.

Speaking of learning, will this be the year I dust off by big book on Javascript? Wait, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first things first.