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Weeknotes #807-809

Past the midway mark in February now, and not that much to report:

  • My review of Hidden Figures was published earlier this week. I’m drafting two others that will have to be finished by Monday if they’re to go online in time for their respective release dates. And since I’ve got another screening on Monday morning, that means I’ll be working on those over the weekend.
  • Since I’m writing this weekend, I’ll wrap up my long, long delayed music wrap-up so I can clean the slate for 2017 before the clocks change. Yes, it’s apparent that I need a better schedule for this stuff, though it was a (blessedly brief) cold that made last weekend a write-off, productivity-wise.

And a few more things:

  • Enlarged Heart Radio is taking a break till the end of the month, which only means skipping one scheduled show but still.
  • I’ve got another writing project that needs working on before the end of February when time allows so best not spread myself too thin.
  • On a related note, I still haven’t got around to jotting down my thoughts on last weekend’s WWE ‘special event’, nor the same weekend’s NJPW show come to mention it. Consider this a note of self.
  • The week ahead: that aforementioned press screening on Monday morning (for a review I won’t need to file for over a week, which is a relief), then three days in the InDesign mines running up to a Thursday evening deadline. I’ll probably knock off early on Friday, to reset my brain.