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Enlarged Heart Radio 19

Repetition is the word in Enlarged Heart Radio 19, featuring Lungfish, Moon Duo, Ramleh and more.

Playlist: So Pitted – Woe / Black Cilice – Timeless Spectre / Moon Duo – The Death Set / Pharmakon – Bestial Burden / Pan Sonic – Radiokemia / Blood Sport – Perfect Choice Pasterl Perfection / Ramleh – The Tower / Lungfish – Shed The World / Trotsky Icepick – You Look Like Something Goya Drew

If this is your first listen: thanks for giving it your time. Enlarged Heart Radio is an hour of interesting sounds for your ears, produced and presented by me, usually twice a month but sometimes I take a break. Here’s some more about why I started doing this. It’s not quite a podcast, since it only streams from Mixcloud for rights purposes, but it’s podcast-adjacent. I make it with Audacity (for sequencing and mixing), Audio Hijack Pro (for misc audio capture), iTunes and nvALT (for pre-production), a Griffin iMic and an AKG D 230 microphone (for links). Hope you enjoy it.