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Monthnotes for November 2017

November was a bullet-point kind of month:

  • Enlarged Heart Radio has been revived for the winter, with two shows this past month, numbers 20 and 21. I’ll probably have another one up before Xmas, provided my weekends aren’t too hectic.
  • I saw and reviewed Battle of the Sexes and Suburbicon for Thumped. I also attended screenings for three 2018 releases (or they are on this side of the Atlantic, anyway). My notes on those are just that at this stage, but expect my thoughts in the new year.
  • Did my accounts (I keep things fairly simple) and paid/filed my income tax. I even got a small rebate: the first time that’s ever happened. I guess last year’s USC reductions made a difference after all.
  • Another music feature pitch of mine was accepted, so I’m working on that at the moment. Don’t expect the finished thing till February or March, mind you.
  • I bussed it to Newry when the exchange rate was at its best (it’s still decent, but hey) and, among other things, I bought a rice cooker. Reader, I think it’s changed our lives. I’m not even joking! You know, I may have a longer post on this.

That’s about the long and the short of it. Roll on my end-of-year break* from mid December.

* When you work freelance, even partly, you’re never truly on a break.