Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Monthnotes for February 2018

I already covered the beginning of February in my previous notes, and there’s little to report for the rest of the month. Time flies; sometimes there isn’t much to show for it work-wise. And sometimes the weather slows the country into shutdown mode. So let’s turn to some personal projects.

One Saturday morning was spent updating this website’s style sheet from absolute to relative measurements, for no other reason than it was something I intended to do a year ago when I did the big redesign but kept putting it off, and I finally felt like doing it.

Aside from some confusion with the nesting of styles and what sizes related to what (it’s been a while since I’ve been deep into CSS), that was a relatively painless couple of hours. And it inspired me, late one evening a few days later, to do something else I’d been putting on the long finger, which was implementing tags on my blog entries.

I’ve been adding tags to posts in the backend since migrating to WordPress, but only since January last year since, for whatever reason, WP didn’t import the entry tags from my Movable Type export files. Apparently there is a third-party script that can do it, but I’m sure I looked at the time and deemed it more trouble than it was worth.

So, I’m not sure how useful the tags that are here now really are to anyone (even me). But maybe one day I’ll get the unshakeable urge to go back and retroactively add tags by hand, or semi-manually. And at least what’s here now will grow with whatever gets posted going forward.

Speaking of which, I took some time in late February to trawl my ‘Blogfodder’ backlog for links worth sharing. Of course I’m sharing them months after they’ve ceased to be relevant (going back to November or even earlier), but sure hasn’t that always been the way around here? Since I’m in the mood, that sharing will continue whenever I grab a few minutes here and there.

To end the month, I updated the about page with a /Now section, inspired by a blog post I found after landing on this thought-food post about ‘small b’ blogging, and which appears to have sparked something of a movement. It’s just a variation on the status update, really, but it’s also another way to take stock, like writing up these notes, and if anything it might make for a less static about page as I review it month to month.