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Enlarged Heart Radio 22

So I let a few months sail by since the last one. (Why do I leave it so long? Option paralysis has something to do with it.) But anyway, here’s episode number 22 of Enlarged Heart Radio, another hour of interesting sounds for your ears.

Playlist: Shudder To Think – She Wears He-Harem / Foreseen – Government Cuts / Necro Deathmort – 80,000 / Cave In – Requiem / Killing Joke – Frenzy / Jan Garbarek – Dansere / Couch Slut – Company Picnic With Dust Off / Pylon – Yo-Yo / Justin Walter – It’s Not What You Think / Wire – Outdoor Miner (Long Version)

Show notes: This is the first one where I did the links without a script, and it shows. I don’t have a voice for radio; I talk too fast and stumble over my words. Oh well, this counts as practice, I suppose.