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Monthnotes for March 2018

My second feature for Bandcamp Daily was published mid-month, this one on a selection of bands exploring new directions in grindcore. Again, it’s not a definitive guide, nor meant to be one; it’s a selection of artists across a spectrum that have caught my attention over time, and which fit the brief. I’m very happy with how it turned out; cheers to my editor Jes Skolnik for their work in that regard.

As for the response? It’s been so positive that it really put a smile on my face during what was a difficult fortnight. (Production stuff, out of my control, exceptionally frustrating. Deep breaths.) Seeing it pick up a lot of traction on social media (4,000-plus shares on The Platform That Shall Not Be Named within a week) was nothing to sniff at, either.

Something else that cheered me up was playing Guild Wars 2 and levelling up my Charr guardian, Solomon Rex. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired to give it (another) go after watching Recovery of an MMO Junkie, which reminded me of how much I enjoyed playing World of Warcraft a few years ago, till the griefing and the cost sucked much of the fun out of it.

Not so with Guild Wars, which I feel like I’m enjoying much more, maybe because it’s more understanding of gaming dilettantes such as myself. There’s always something to do, there’s not so much grinding involved, and I feel that I’ve earned every single level I’ve dinged. Satisfying is the word for it.

Late in the month I finally brought my bicycle for a well-overdue service. Amazing what a difference a little tune-up and chain grease can make. I’m not quite done yet, though, as I need to procure a set of better puncture-proof tyres if I’m to feel confident enough to go for longer rides this summer.

(If summer ever comes, mind; we’re a month away from the start of Irish summer and it’s still winter.)

Right at the end of March, Bee and I attended the ‘Anime Edition’ of Dublin Comic Con, which was barely anything of the sort. Only one of the advertised guests had anything that could be described as experience in anime; the rest of the convention was really a shrunk-down version of the regular August bank holiday event.

We were prepared for the disappointment, to an extent, but paying the same price and not even getting a panel on the first day from one of the star attractions? Bit much, in fairness. Nevertheless, we made the most of the day, and picked up some treats to enjoy over WrestleMania weekend only a few days from now. Silver linings and all that.