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My personality profile, according to IBM Watson

Jason Kottke let IBM’s Watson AI system profile his personality via his Twitter feed; the results were mixed, to say the least. I gave it a go with my own tweets (you can try it too, with tweets or a body of text) and here’s what Watson had to say about me, with my own comments appended.

You are skeptical, inner-directed and unconventional.

Generally speaking, yes. But the degrees of each vary, I’d say.

You are authority-challenging: you prefer to challenge authority and traditional values to help bring about positive changes. You are solemn: you are generally serious and do not joke much. And you are self-conscious: you are sensitive about what others might be thinking about you.

Yes, no, and yes. I might seem sour and grumpy on social media sometimes but I’m not so bad in person. I’m just an introvert is all.

Experiences that give a sense of organization hold some appeal to you.

That’s true, I like a plan of some sort. Contingencies are good things.

You are relatively unconcerned with both tradition and helping others. You care more about making your own path than following what others have done. And you think people can handle their own business without interference.

Hmm; I don’t think letting others do their thing and being willing to offer help when needed are mutually exclusive.

Watson also had some quickie bullet points that mostly missed the mark:

You are likely to:
* like musical movies [not really, sorry]
* be sensitive to ownership cost when buying automobiles [don’t drive, but I’m sensitive to running costs in general]
* have experience playing music [I wish…]

You are unlikely to:
* like country music [fair, but I don’t dislike bluegrass]
* be influenced by social media during product purchases [no more than via any other channels, I wouldn’t think]
* prefer style when buying clothes [if by style you mean labels, then sure]

The sunburst visualisation chart is more revealing:

IBM Watson Personality Insights Sunburst Chart Visualisation

I’d like to think I’m more than 3% cheerful (refer again to the ‘I’m not so bad in person’ bit). But ‘susceptible to stress’? ‘Prone to worry’? ‘Melancholy’? That’s me alright. Sigh.