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Date: June 2018

‘Zoo Season 3 is now on Netflix’ - every now and then an algorithm gets me #tweet

Happy Pride to my friends who are celebrating today. Don’t forget the sunblock! #tweet

Green Room but instead of a neo-Nazi club in the Oregon backwoods it’s the Republican National Convention #tweet

The tributes in my timeline to Matt Cappotelli are breaking my heart #tweet

The fucking broadband is fucking down again and I fucking need it for fucking work #tweet

There’s a lot of awfulness in the world, but the original Meat Puppets are back together so it’s not all bad #tweet

Didn’t have time to write up my review but Leave No Trace opens today and it’s excellent. Also most cinemas have air conditioning #tweet

I take note that both Tesco and Dunnes have jacked up the price of a 2l bottle of Pepsi Max by nearly a euro #tweet

“Irish Water said a public consultation would be carried out to determine what constitutes excess usage.” Yet they’ve already got a figure, and a billing scheme. Riiiiight… https://t.co/vxn4xLGm7O #tweet

Catching up on NXT at the Albert Hall. Killer Kelly is going places, right? Not even two years a pro and already this good #tweet

I survived a whole day out in the sun thanks to lashings of Factor 50 and my new hat #tweet

What a difference a year makes: 2017 - Jordan Devlin nearly gives Danny Burch a concussion; 2018 - Avalanche Spanish fly #tweet

This here Snail Mail record is really good, isn’t it? #tweet

10 hours’ sleep last night; best I’ve had in a fortnight. Now to do my radio hour #tweet

Vinnie Paul: an incredible drummer ruined for years by Terry Date’s shitty tin-eared production #tweet

TFW you find out you’re blocked by s’one you’ve never heard of, and you have to wonder how and why #tweet

Just saw the news about Leon ‘Vader’ White. He was the scariest heel to me as a 12-year-old fan, but I still marked out like crazy when he beat Sting for the belt in Dublin https://t.co/xiSk0tLRM6 #tweet

I’ve watched four films since yesterday on the trials and tribulations of parenthood and it’s all a bit much #tweet

I held out for the longest time but now I use Siri for one thing: setting timers for the kitchen #tweet

Ships full of migrants turned away from ports; concentration camps… I didn’t think I’d live to see this history repeated so soon #tweet

Enjoy TakeOver, wrestle friends. I’ll watch it tomorrow when I’m awake #tweet

I’m only watching Sleepwalkers for Clovis the attack cat #tweet

The irony of Glinner dismissing men who call him out on his transphobic bullshit when he is himself a man is not lost on anyone here #tweet

So I bought a ticket to WrestleRama 2. I’m hoping OTT have cleaned up their act this time. And at least it’s not at the Tivoli #tweet

Only three: the Evil Dead reboot, ‘cause it was nasty rubbish; The Driller Killer and Ryuhei Kitamura’s Versus, ‘cause I was bored https://t.co/xcpkH5JDqW #tweet

First rain in a couple of weeks today and the air is filled with petrichor. That’s a word I literally just looked up now #tweet

Bee playing Jurassic World Evolution: “I’m not rage quitting, I’m taking a frustration break” #tweet

So what’s this about KUSHIDA wrestling in Dublin in August? Ah go on, so #tweet

Glinner: I haven’t said anything about trans people! But I’ll dog-whistle compare them to rapists and murderers. Woof?! #tweet

If this is what the new Low album (Double Negative, out in September) actually sounds like, it might be the best thing they’ve ever done. #video

The force (hay fever) is strong with this one (me) #tweet

Pop culture today is obsessed with the battle between good and evil. Traditional folktales never were. What changed?

“Good guy/bad guy narratives might not possess any moral sophistication, but they do promote social stability, and they’re useful for getting people to sign up for armies and fight in wars with other nations. Their values feel like morality, and the association with folklore and mythology lends them a patina of legitimacy, but still, they don’t arise from a moral vision. They are rooted instead in a political vision, which is why they don’t help us deliberate, or think more deeply about the meanings of our actions. Like the original Grimm stories, they’re a political tool designed to bind nations together.” [c/o LinkMachineGo] #link

Don’t really care what Corey Graves says about CM Punk since he was such an arsehole to Charly Caruso on the way out of NXT #tweet

Dominion was brilliant! Kenny Omega finally did it! And Hiromu won the junior title again! Happy days! #tweet

JR and the King doing commentary for Mid-South in 1983 is kind of blowing my mind right now #tweet