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Book review — King of Strong Style: 1980-2014, by Shinsuke Nakamura

In lieu of a review, I turn to page 267 of this book, and Shinsuke Nakamura’s thoughts in the section titled What is strong style?:

When you hear the words “strong style”, strong means powerful, so I think there’s a tendency to simply take the surface meaning of a powerful fighting style. But of course, it’s not only that. For instance, [Antonio] Inoki always used to say, “Transform your anger into power and use it in pro wrestling” … That anger’s not just directed at your opponent … there’s also the rage toward the situation you’ve been placed in by the company. Anger is just one emotion, so the transformation and application of that emotion and that instinctual part into the act of pro wrestling is what I believe strong style to be.

There’s a thorough introspection here that’s rare in books about any sport, let alone a fake one.

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