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Date: February 2019

Film review — Await Further Instructions

Distracting self-conscious references aside — the themes are blunt enough without the family also being named Milgram — there’s a messed-up body horror edge that nudges this above average for a low-budget chiller. More…

Film review — Halloween

The rare ‘sequel/soft reboot that’s really a greatest hits compilation’ that manages to pull it off without succumbing to post-modern ironic detachment, though that’s arguably unavoidable in an age where even Scream would be considered a vintage movie (it was made almost a quarter of a century ago, after all). More…

Homeland s07 (I’m catching up on Netflix) has been, well, let’s just say white privilege has a lot to answer for. But the end of e09 is frankly terrifying. Best horror I’ve seen in months #tweet

Tye, Hideo and TJP gone. Not even future endeavoured. What a waste. And how petty is WWE? #tweet

My favourite Sleater-Kinney album turns 20. I remember seeing them play on Jo Whiley’s then Channel 4 show and knowing I needed this https://t.co/TuwdcOeYCA #tweet

All the segregated cycle lanes in the world won’t matter unless cyclists in Ireland get priority at junctions like they do in countries where cycling works https://t.co/bDEa2MZKQW #tweet

Awful big coincidence, Netflix very predictably cancelling its Marvel shows as Disney preps the launch of its own streaming service #tweet

There are actual important stories to cover rather than giving over half of your front page to smearing Ellie Kisyombe #tweet

Just found out my favourite wrestler will be in Dublin on St Patrick’s weekend so I have to be there too, don’t I? http://bit.ly/2X5njuZ #tweet

I want to hear Guerilla Toss cover King Crimson’s ‘Thela Hun Ginjeet’ #tweet

Sometimes all you need in your life is some baby capybaras. [c/o TKSST] #video

Next year’s Royal Rumble at the Houston Astros stadium gets one step closer to my daydream of a Rumble at Tropicana Field #tweet

Beware the dodderman, my dear, when the moon is fat #tweet

That’s all of The Expanse s03 watched, now I need s04 #tweet

The Oscars are like WrestleMania: each the biggest live event of the year in their respective areas, but no longer really about their essence as much as mere ‘celebrity’ #tweet

Tickets to see the Meat Puppets in June secured, though the friction involved has given me a burn #tweet

Spent the afternoon stretching my copywriting muscles and now my brain is properly exhausted #tweet

Film review — Velvet Buzzsaw

I felt the same way about The Square: satirising the art world is shooting fish in a barrel. But that’s pretty much all The Square was about. Velvet Buzzsaw has a different problem, in that it can’t make up its mind whether it wants over-the-top mania like a souped-up psychotronic slasher, or genuine horror tension like writer/director Dan Gilroy’s incredible previous, Nightcrawler. Either mode renders the other ineffective. More…

Matt Riddle is a great example of how to integrate MMA style while keeping it pro wrestling. Shayna Baszler is getting it, too #tweet

Sooo NXT signed a jacked Joey Ryan who’s into prog metal #tweet

Found a dead blackbird in the driveway. No obvious signs of predation; probably electrocuted on the power lines above #tweet

Ironic that I feel the need to be clearer about this myself: he wasn’t misquoted, he could have said something unequivocal like ‘I was a horrible racist but I’m ashamed of that now.’ He didn’t https://t.co/0x745kNsUX #tweet

Liam Neeson says he’s ashamed. But it’s not quite clear from those quotes what part he’s ashamed of. There’s the rub #tweet

Steam says I’ve spent 17 hours in SimCity 4 over the last few days. At least I’ve got a city of 75,000 and a million simoleons in the bank to show for it #tweet

Halftime Heat was fun, wasn’t it? #tweet

American football, the sport where 15 minutes actually takes 45 #tweet

Just made myself half blind playing SimCity 4 for the last three hours. How’s your Sunday? #tweet

Whether or not you’re doing #MWE or #metalmindfulness this month, it’s cool to find an album new or old to take in fully. Sit down, wig out, any way enjoy the moment #tweet

Good morning on the first day of spring in the Irish calendar! Shame it’s also the first of February, aka Freelancer’s Bane #tweet