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Date: March 2019

Film review — Dune

I’m surprised not to find a previous record of this one here, as I’m sure I’ve watched it within the last decade. But anyway, this was my first time with the Alan Smithee ‘extended cut’ and… yeah, I can see why David Lynch took his name off it. The extra hour adds nothing to improve the film, or make the story clearer. Indeed, with that hamfisted Frank Herbert voiceover intro it actively takes away from the theatrical cut’s unique ‘what the fuck is going on here’ quality. I don’t want to know about artificial intelligence or rebellions from generations before, I just want to be thrown head-first into its stately weirdness. It remains a triumph of production design, one of which everyone involved should be proud. How Lynch feels about it today is his prerogative, but it’s a shame there’s no love left there anymore. More…

Forty-plus years of Super Sentai tokusatsu covered in about eight minutes. Interesting to see how blatantly toy-oriented the Japanese shows are compared to the western adaptations. #video

The Mets game right now is free to watch if you’ve got an MLB login #tweet

Couldn’t turn down the Kevin Drumm discography if it’s only like €20, could I? For Sheer Hellish Miasma alone that’s a bargain #tweet

I want to shower in the guitar tone on the new Devil Master album #tweet

Agh, iTunes erased all my playlists containing non-iTunes store music! I hate you, Tim Cook #tweet

Brain is like a sieve today. Literally forgot something in the single second it took for me to switch windows to search for it #tweet

“Oh, there’s a new Crowhurst in my inbox … ‘Guests from… Sol Invictus’ … Eh, no thanks.” #tweet

I think I just saw a wren in our garden. That’s a first for me if so #tweet

Film review — Triple Frontier

Extrajudicial killings are bad, but they stole millions of dollars from a drug cartel so yay? (As an action heist thriller, it was fine, yet highlights a gulf in charisma and presence between Oscar Isaac and Baffleck and his fellow jocks.) More…

Thanks to Zack Greinke my fantasy baseball season is off to a stupendous start 🤦‍♂️ #tweet

#NowPlaying Sunwatchers - Illegal Moves #tweet

Napalm Death - Scum / Discordance Axis - The Inalienable Dreamless / Nasum - Human 2.0 / The Locust - S/T / East-West Blast Test - S/T (Cumulative running time 2:10:01) #DesertIslandGrindcore https://t.co/Ym857fUZoE #tweet

Also picked up a sweet ratchet screw set in Lidl for a tenner. You never know when you’ll need one of those #tweet

Finally got new ink for my printer, and I’m inordinately excited about it #tweet

I’ve heard the new black midi single and I’m persuaded to ask them, wouldn’t you like to come to Halifax? #tweet

The Letterboxd people that like everything have rendered the Activity tab useless #tweet

Film review — Phase IV

Saul Bass to Paramount Pictures: “Hey fellas, I’ve got a great idea: The Andromeda Strain, only slower and more tedious.” More…

Film review — ReMastered: The Miami Showband Massacre

I’ve only got one connection to the Troubles: I wouldn’t be here if my mam had taken a couple more minutes to change her shoes after work on 17 May 1974. Because she’d been hastier than usual that day, she was already at Connolly Station when the UVF car bomb on Talbot Street exploded. The same terrorist thugs, today a bottom-feeding gang of drug traffickers, were also responsible for the murder of three members of the Miami Showband — whose story is told in this brief but to-the-point documentary charting the surviving members’ fight to uncover the British state collusion behind the killings. (And while it hasn’t been proven, we all know they did it.) More…

Film review — Katie

It’s hard to do a documentary about someone who’s still on the ascendancy, whose life doesn’t really have enough drama for Story with a capital S. So as a narrative, it’s middling, however inspirational its subject or well shot and produced the final package. More…

Olly with an excellent breakdown of the philosophy behind antifascism, one that also serves as a takedown of the naivety of certain journalistic quarters in the face of racist rhetoric and manipulation. #video

Film review — Us

Us is like a rollercoaster that breaks at the top so instead of hurtling down, it kind of shudders along the slope and rolls to a safe stop. That first half? Amazing stuff. And then it goes where it goes. It feels like it would play great to a crowd, though; I wish I’d seen it in a fuller cinema, and I never say that about any film. More…

Film review — Peppermint

Preposterous libertarian-fascist, right-wing vigilante fantasy that, given the Beijing production money, fits squarely into what I’d imagine are Chinese conceptions of American cultural imports. More…

Pure CSS

Diana Smith’s art made in the medium of CSS and HTML. Very impressive. By the way, this is from my MeFi favourites, where I occasionally save stuff that interests me. #link

New issue of @atomic_elbow arrived but I’m afraid to open it in case I get glitter everywhere #tweet

So we’ve watched all of The Dragon Prince. We need more Dragon Prince #tweet

Somewhere out in the ether, Scott Walker is punching a donkey in the streets of Galway #tweet

You may have never heard of Larry Cohen, but genre cinema would absolutely not be the same today without him #tweet

Just remembered my fantasy baseball draft is tonight and I am Not In The Mood #tweet

Yotam Ottolenghi’s hummus recipes

Hummus is dead easy to make and I really should make some more often. (Same goes for chimichurri, though I’ve found it harder to get the flavour balance right.) #link

Think of it this way: cinema is an art, but there’s still room for weirdo comedies or horrors or whatever that entertain but which no one would put in a museum https://t.co/rNh84wWKxw #tweet

Season 2 spoilers abound, but here’s a great insight into the animation process behind The Dragon Prince, which all Avatar/Korra fans should be watching https://t.co/WwW3CWjfhH #tweet

Only found out about The Dragon Prince a week or two ago but it’s great, isn’t it? #tweet

Here’s a subtweet for you: I don’t do straw man arguments. Move along, please #tweet