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Monthnotes for Q1 2019

So, I dropped the monthnotes ball for a while there, didn’t I? But anyway, what’s to say? Xmas was Xmas. I don’t remember January. February was more fruitful than expected for the month also known as Freelancer’s Bane. March was more of the same.

At various points in the quarter just gone:

I bought a guitar (a cheap Telecaster copy, because D Boon played a Tele) and have yet to do anything with it for fear of not being any good, which is something I need to get over.

I wrote a blog post on recording audio on the Mac on a budget, and then only put out one edition of Enlarged Heart Radio despite hoping that very piece would be the impetus to do more. (I’m working on that.)

I saw a live production of Les Mis which was suitably dramatic, and met my favourite wrestler of all time before seeing him in the ring for probably the last time.

I got new ink for my printer, something I’ve been putting off forever. It’s the little victories.

I wrote my first movie review in months, for The Old Man & the Gun. And then I saw a tweet that inspired a twist on the premise. And I haven’t written anything longform that’s entertainment-related since, mostly because work commitments have prevented me from being able to get to press screenings and whatnot. Pesky work.

I also watched a bunch of movies that you’ll be aware of if you follow my Letterboxd, though I failed to reblog them here, so that’ll be my next thing. I didn’t watch a lot of TV (I’m most likely not watching what you’re watching) but did devour the third season of The Expanse, and am currently steaming through season two of Santa Clarita Diet, which is just as enjoyable as the first; I think I’ll save the third, which just came out, for a little while longer.

Come to think of it, some of these things are probably better placed on my /Now list. So actually, that will be my next thing.

Meanwhile, I should be more excited about this week, what with WrestleMania and sundry happening over the weekend. But I’m not. I guess I’m just in a mood. So I wrote this up as I bide my time waiting for it to pass. Brighter evenings ahead will help with that.

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