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Date: May 2019

Free Comic Book Day was worth the trip as we got a decent haul. Made a good call to head out to Big Bang as they had a much bigger selection than Forbidden Planet #tweet

Polling cards are here already. Also, the previous residents are still registered here after four years FFS #tweet

Film review — Figures in a Landscape

Figures in a Landscape takes an escape-pursuit story filled with thrills and bravery and derring-do and turns it into intimate, avant garde theatre, landing the viewer in the company of two utter reprobates (Robert Shaw and Malcolm McDowell in an early role) as they’re menaced by a black helicopter across anonymous mountain terrain. An outstanding experience, to say the least. More…

Working late. Heard a loud bang outside. No dogs barking. Weird #tweet

Someone put Roger Miller’s Elemental Guitar on YouTube and I could kiss them! #tweet

True story, and I’ve said it here before: I once sold a CD cleaner to Gerard Butler. Anyway here’s a thread on CD (and VHS and DVD) cleaners https://t.co/EjTI0tmtJ8 #tweet

Everyone else has already said what needs to be said about the disgraceful decision over Caster Semenya #tweet