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Date: June 2019

Watching Fyter Fest and yeah, no. That chairshot to the head was not good. And their excuses after the fact (about a ‘gimmicked’ chair gone wrong, etc) are bullshit; the whole thing clearly went off as planned, bar the public reaction of course > etc @MacDara #tweet

Nice promotion for AEW at the CEO finals this afternoon #tweet

Spur is a fine place to eat, and fuck that white racist minority, they don’t speak for all Afrikaans people > etc @MacDara #tweet

It’s just dawning on me that I have a PC for the first time since 2002 and I can pretty much play any game I’d be interested in? #tweet

Just remembered the Apple Maps car passed me on the road the other day. I expect my cycling self will be famous a few months from now #tweet

I’ve heard it takes a while to get your pizza, but I am a patient boy… > @tbridge777 #tweet

That noise a while ago did not sound like thunder; it was someone dragging a skip down the road, surely #tweet

I can’t be dealing with this humidity. I need a shoulder mounted fan, like the Predator’s laser cannon but for keeping me cool #tweet

I doubt eir will have too many happy customers now that they’re dropping BT Sport from their online package #tweet

All the older folks on this coach appear to be moaning about the breeze from the vents and roof hatch but it’s the only thing keeping me alive right now #tweet

Note he doesn’t say ‘cycling infrastructure’, just infrastructure, which defaults to motor vehicles. The almighty car (or van, or lorry) always comes first, to hell with cyclists or pedestrians or anyone else > @Shane_RossTD #tweet

This morning I learned there’s such a thing as Irish Transverse Mercator co-ordinates. Why can’t you just give standard lat-long like a normal person? #tweet

Film review — Bipolar Rock ‘N’ Roller

This portrait of combat sports commentator Mauro Ranallo doesn’t pull many punches when it comes to his personal struggles with mental health. I’m not sure how successful it is at dispelling myths or erasing stigma, but it’s certainly heartening to see how many people in his life were willing to look beyond the ‘crazy’ to the real person and their value. More…

An affecting portrait of the voice of combat sports, Mauro Ranallo. #video

Remembered we had a PS3 that’s doing nothing so set it up in my office to play Blu-rays. And now I’ve discovered my monitor has had its own speakers the whole time http://bit.ly/2IEYUHm #tweet

You know this is a low-interest PPV when Green Shirt Guy doesn’t have his usual front-row seat #tweet

It boggles my mind how expensive it is, in 2019, to play Blu-rays through a computer #tweet

Bang of Polvo off this black midi album, going by the first couple of minutes #tweet

I’m finally able to tell you that the new Child’s Play reboot is actually really good, and you should go see it. Review up soon #tweet

So the WWE/BT Sport deal is officially announced. And since that’s a channel I actually get, I might start watching Raw and SD again come the new year (probably not) #tweet

I’ve just realised you can sing the lyrics for Denver the Last Dinosaur to the tune of Badstreet USA #tweet

Desk cleared off in anticipation of my new computer. Man, I have a lot of loose cables for things #tweet

Every summer, without fail - a little sunshine, heat and humidity, and eir’s broadband infrastructure shits the bed #tweet

Delighted with the quick service (and lovely food) at the new @UmiFalafel branch on Mary St this afternoon #tweet

A few years ago Tom very kindly signed my CD copy of Riposte. Apparently he hadn’t seen one in the wild since 1987 https://t.co/NU7PF0rvqr #tweet

Stuck on the M1 west of Skerries. Have to be in Smithfield in an hour for a screening. Sigh #tweet

Dublin tweeters: anywhere I can get an anti-static wristband in the city centre? Maplin’s gone so my options appear slim #tweet

Bed to bus in 24 minutes. Amazing what waking in a panic after oversleeping will do #tweet

Best thing this week: seeing everyone’s warm tributes to and memories of Philomena Lynott #tweet

A week later and I think my injured toe is finally on the mend. I didn’t have to hobble around the house just now so I’ll take it #tweet

Sleater-Kinney are one of the best live bands in the world. (Far better than on their records since The Hot Rock IMO.) Don’t miss ‘em https://t.co/CulCHDLO7d #tweet

Just got my exemption from jury service. Thank fuck for that! #tweet

Got excited about a Zaytoon opening on the Northside, until I saw it’s in Swords. Swords is not the Northside. It’s next to Malahide ffs #tweet

Here’s a question for wrestling journalists to follow up: what happens to WWE Network subscription rates in Ireland and the UK after WWE moves from Sky to BT Sport? https://t.co/kJlEgAVTYy #tweet

Are you cold? I’m cold. It’s cold #tweet

The Day the Music Burned

“The vault fire was not, as UMG suggested, a minor mishap, a matter of a few tapes stuck in a musty warehouse. It was the biggest disaster in the history of the music business.” #link

King Crimson’s discography is streaming on your service of choice (probably) so I’ve got Three of a Perfect Pair playing here right now #tweet

Had a looooong day. Now finding it hard to unwind #tweet

Who would’ve thought finding a headphone jack splitter/switcher to connect one set of speakers to two computers would be so difficult? #tweet

#NowPlaying Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess #tweet

Film review — I’m Gonna Git You Sucka

The gag timing leaves a lot to be desired, but the Wayans are almost there with this one, so very close to the formula that would click in near every respect with Don’t Be a Menace… Who knew at the time that would be their peak? More…

I’ve gone half-deaf in my left ear again. Thanks, sinus congestion! #tweet

I’m sure it’s been asked and answered before, but *how* did Cornette swing getting the Heavenly Bodies vs R’n’R Express on WCW and WWF PPVs in 1993? #tweet