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Date: August 2019

Film review — Fist of Fury

There’s a solid 40 to 50% of this film that isn’t Bruce Lee just straight up murdering people with his feet and fists and it would be better off without it, to be honest. More…

Just want to make it clear I’m fully in support of running fascists out of Ireland #SpeakersUnicorner #tweet

So, this turned out OK? I could add more grounds and use more water for the finished product. And I think my coffee-to-milk ratio was off so it tasted a bit too strong, but I could have another one > @MacDara #tweet

Film review — Beautiful Boy

A reminder that very personal stories of the needle and the damage done don’t necessarily universalise, especially when the tincture is tainted with so much white privilege. More…

Trying out one of those cloth bags instead of the cafetière for my cold brew. Got the grounds steeping now; I’ll report back in the morning on how the coffee tastes > etc @MacDara #tweet

Late from the shops and missed the parcel van by five minutes (saw it leave my street). But they didn’t leave a slip in the letterbox. So tell me, @Postvox, how do I get my parcel now? etc @MacDara #tweet

Jushin Thunder Liger’s final match in Mexico Arena México, from Friday 19 July. Nice of CMLL to put the whole show on YouTube, as well. #video

If I wasn’t working Thursday evening I’d be going along to this > @seanlclancy #tweet

I was going to go see Hobbs & Shaw this afternoon but it’s too wet out #tweet

Weaknotes for w/o 4 August 2019

After my previous tribulations, I finally got Webmentions (or at least pings between my own entries) to display on my posts. That involved a lot of trial and error to find the right PHP code to display comments in WordPress, which is a lot more difficult than you might imagine. More…

Does anyone who follows me here have that Unwound box set from Numero Group? Is it worth getting? It’s €90 inc postage in their CD fire sale right now > etc @MacDara #tweet

Metadata is the biggest little problem plaguing the music industry

It’s bad enough that music is missing the richness of metadata to give listeners context and background for recordings (streaming services don’t even come with high-res original artwork, for crying out loud) but when it means the artists themselves aren’t even getting paid? Well, we shouldn’t be so surprised; the music industry hasn’t been about supporting its artists for many years, if it ever was. #link

What the hey, it’s only a fiver: I just subbed to the AAA Twitch channel to watch TripleMania #tweet

#NowPlaying Truly - Fast Stories...From Kid Coma #tweet

I think I’ve finally cracked how to display Webmentions on my blog, at least between my own posts. Next task: to style ‘em up better, and to see if outside mentions show up #tweet

Film review — Creed

Creed is… less than what I’d expected? Maybe it was too much to want something different than what amounts to a near-literal retread of the original Rocky. And especially one that’s so impatient to get to an ending it neither needs nor deserves that it fails to explore and expand upon the unique aspects it really has going for it. When it does stop to breathe, those are the moments when it truly comes alive as its own thing. More…

Sometimes I forget we live close to an estuary, but that ‘salty seaweed cooked in the sun’ smell outside tonight is unmistakable #tweet

Why aren’t the lyrics for ‘Goat’ included on the lyric sheet for Shudder To Think’s Get Your Goat? #tweet

For what was supposed to be a day off, I did a fair amount of work today #tweet

I haven’t seen any of the #g129 since the first night, but I’ve got the day off so I’ll be damned if I’m missing Moxley vs Yano #tweet