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Weaknotes for f/e 24 August 2019

Nothing to report from the two weeks previous to this one just gone. I was ill for a few days over the big wrestling weekend in early August (TakeOver, SummerSlam and the G1 Climax final, as if you didn’t know) and the non-drowsy decongestant I got for my sinusitis messed up my sleep pattern completely. So it’s mostly a blur. It simultaneously feels like a lot less and a lot longer than the actual time that’s passed.

More recently, my review of the new Quentin Tarantino was published, so there’s that. I’ve been making cold brew with these filter bags in this glass jug. I’ve been watching YouTube reviews of Las Vegas buffets (the MGM Grand looks, well, grand). I found a (probably) fake 5,000-yen note. I thought I’d invented the scromlette but the name’s already being used for an inferior product. (Seriously: microwave scrambled egg in a bowl, then sandwich the congealed mass with a toasted burger bun. You’re welcome.) And I’ve been digging the new Ceremony, which you can check out below if the embed works:

Right, this weekend is a working one for me so I’m keeping this short. I expect the week to come to be more stress than I need. Sigh.