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Date: September 2019

So I held on till the end and finished the fantasy baseball season in sixth place. One ahead of the commish! > @MacDara #tweet

Film review — In the Shadow of the Moon

‘Ambitious but flawed’ is a cliche, but it nevertheless applies to Jim Mickle’s follow-up to the hardcore Cold In July — a sci-fi mystery that holds its cards so close to its chest, I’d imagine it’ll lose many viewers before the reveal finally comes. Mickle’s previous was more successful at the bait-and-switch plotting move, and with its period depictions. There’s a jarring sense of not-quite-rightness here that ultimately distracts and detracts from the story. More…

Every dog in the neighbourhood has just gone berserk over the pipe band playing at the GAA club over the way #tweet

Film review — Wing Commander

OK so it’s bad. The plot is the epitome of derivative, the leads are poorly cast and directed, it looks decidedly ropey when its opts for CGI over practical effects. The aliens look pants and should’ve been scrapped. All of those things. But hear me out. More…

I am watching Wing Commander and five minutes in there are already two Star Trek connections > @MacDara #tweet

Another cow! It’s a bad week on Ireland’s railways. Also a metaphor for something, probably > @MacDara #tweet

Irish people getting up early to watch the rugby: now you know what it’s like being a fan of New Japan Pro-Wrestling #tweet

Who’s the ring announcer on this AWA SuperClash IV show? It sounds like Mike McGuirk but it can’t be #tweet

Lucky enough to hear the new Vastum album that’s out next month. It only underscores the fact it’s never not a good year for death metal #tweet

Ahem, Sybil (note only one 'l') Hill Road is in Raheny, not Clontarf > @IWCare #tweet

I’ve just seen the new Yahoo! logo. Why would you even bother after all these years? #tweet

NJPW moving New Year Dash out of Korakuen Hall is kind of like when the WWF stopped hosting Raw at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center #tweet

My MacBook Air’s battery needs replacing. Should I take it to the Apple Store in Belfast or CompuB in Dublin? #tweet

That bit when Greta Thunberg said “all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth”; I really felt that #tweet

My gig history: First concert - Avail/Bouncing Souls / Last concert - Catherine Sikora & Brian Chase / Next concert - DEAFKIDS / Best concert - Rush / Worst concert - GY!BE* / Seen the most - Mike Watt / Haven’t seen but want to - Dead Neanderthals > @MacDara #tweet

It could be last night’s computing stress, but I am not feeling well this morning, not at all #tweet

I want to play the goose game but I don’t want to sign up to the Epic store so I guess I’m not playing the goose game #tweet

I’m really broken up about Nog #tweet

Big Arachnaman energy from @_StarDESTROYER on last night’s show #tweet

Caught the sky looking gorgeous…

Caught the sky looking gorgeous earlier this evening. #image

No luck finding the new WrestleTalk mag at my local Tesco Extra. Will try Eason’s tomorrow but not holding out hope > @MacDara #tweet

A lot of schools in Ireland don’t seem to understand what a ‘strike’ is. Or perhaps they do, and that’s why they’re so snooty about it #tweet

So, how long do we have to wait for the full two-hour edition of last night’s NXT to hit the Network? ‘Cause they’ve only got the second hour right now #tweet

This is probably my finest ever tweet and I got nothing. Shame on all of you > @MacDara #tweet

Ticket secured for black midi next February #tweet

I just don’t have the energy to complain to eir about how unreliable our broadband connection has been since June #tweet

How did Rocky’s trainer suggest he apply condiments to his grilled beef patty sandwiches? ‘Burgers merit dip’ #tweet

I know it’s such A Thing to say ‘you know Ric Ocasek produced a Bad Brains album?’ but he did and Rock for Light is very good #tweet

Ad Astra so desperately wants to be spoken of in the same breath as Kubrick’s 2001, which it homages to a ridiculous degree #tweet

Film review — First Blood

A man looks forward to a reunion but immediately faces crushing disappointment. He’s needlessly criticised for his choice of clothes and hairstyle, and made to feel decidedly unwelcome when all he wants on a trying day is something to eat. Then the whole thing devolves into an argument, and by the end of the night he’s eating his roast alone in the dark … To hell with Die Hard, First Blood is a real Xmas movie. More…

Film review — Long Shot

A rom-com fairy tale for nerds, pretty much. It’s got heart, for sure. It’s also got some suspect politics, of all kinds. More…

Film review — Shanghai Fortress

I’m not sure whether the not-so-subtle Chinese exceptionalism here is just a dig at the Yanks, or whether they really believe in it. In any case, all the flash-bang action and noble sacrifices leave no impression when both sides in this fight are so thinly drawn. More…

The new Cloud Rat is out today and of course it rips. Best grindcore band going right now, hands down #tweet

One thing I neglected to note in my review of Extra Ordinary: nice use of Don Caballero’s ‘The Peter Criss Jazz’ > @thumped #tweet

Memory is foggy but I think my first was a double bill of The Hot Chick and The 25th Hour at the Buena Vista cinema (the former Grand in Fairview) > @andyffgibbons #tweet

I fear I may have written the only not-overwhelmingly-enthusiastic review of Extra Ordinary, going by the gushing on my timeline #tweet

Finally got my hands on a Greggs vegan sausage roll. Would eat again #tweet

Really fucking tired of not being able to find the clothes I want in my size #tweet

Fancy new RSA drive test centre on one of the worst kept roads in Dundalk, I see you #tweet

Daniel Johnston … 58 is far too young to go #tweet

Research lacking in this @verge piece on the new WWE Network, as users have indeed been left to start from scratch without their watchlists > @MacDara #tweet

Anywhere in Dundalk or Dublin I can get a drop bolt for a driveway gate? Someone’s nicked ours, you see #tweet

Film review — Ma

By failing to make hay with its premise, and being just that bit too obvious about the stuff it does explore (the flashbacks especially, coming far too early and building a backstory the viewer doesn’t really need to know), Ma slips from a potentially top-tier thriller to merely an OK one. More…

Film review — The Secret Garden

So this one completely passed me by in 1993. I guess I wasn’t the target audience, and that year was all about Jurassic Park for me, but you’d think there’d be some lingering memory of its existence, at least, not least because I do remember the mid-70s BBC adaptation being repeated on children’s TV around that same vague time period. Anyway. More…