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Date: September 2019

Webmentions just stopped working on my blog. I have no clue. Why did I even bother? #tweet

First Netflix pulls Avengement within a day, then the Network pulls the MTV specials that dropped yesterday? I’m not having good luck with streaming #tweet

I get why they’re doing this but it doesn’t make much sense for anyone outside of the Americas > @WWENXT #tweet

Harris Bomberguy and Shannon Strucci essay the concerns with rewriting cultural history that the concept of the ‘director’s cut’ provokes. And there’s more than could be explored; for instance, how much is Coppola’s ‘final cut’ of Apocalypse Now derived from a creative motive (a need to right ‘wrongs’) or a profit motive (successful wine business aside, he hasn’t made a relevant film for decades, but people still love Apocalypse Now, so…). #video

The new Futureheads album is alright. I mean, they’re never gonna make another ‘First Day’, I’m resigned to that, but it’s no News and Tributes either > etc @MacDara #tweet

This is bad form from New Japan. The ref (and Ishii for that matter) should’ve known better > @Deadspin #tweet

Mike Watt said he dug my shirt. Mind you, it was a plaid shirt, so one could argue I was fishing for compliments > @jamesjammcmahon #tweet

Is anyone else as cold as I am this morning? #tweet

Random thoughts on #AEWAllOut: Kenny Omega looks tired; JR needs to go; poor Pharaoh and pyro don’t mix; the ladder match was bad TV; so many production kinks! > etc @MacDara #tweet

It wasn’t supposed to rain today #tweet