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Weaknotes for w/e 7 September 2019

I was in a weird, short mood last week, and completely neglected to note (apart from tweeting about it) that my site now has an SSL certificate, and all pages within are HTTPS.

My web host’s prices are eye-watering for something that’s becoming a requirement for any site today, even those that don’t trade in user’s private data such as my own (honestly, their fees for their lowest grade cert are 50% of my hosting costs) and while they allow installation of free Let’s Encrypt certificates, they technically don’t support them.

Then I noticed that my domain host, Namecheap, is now selling SSL certs of various stripes — I went with their cheapest, since it was all I needed, and for a price that didn’t make me want to spit like a camel at my screen.

Installing it was relatively straightforward, even if it did take the best part of two hours because I had to set up a new admin email account (the issuing authority is very particular about what addresses it will recognise) and I messed up the process the first time by neglecting to download the private key when I generated the CSR in my host’s control panel, so I had to reissue the certificate and start from scratch.

The only other issue I had was something that seems common from a quick search: Chrome recognised the certificate, but still flagged a warning that my site was ‘not secure’ because of hosted images and whatnot. All that required was a WordPress plugin to ensure all the necessary gubbins were batch converted, and aside from a just-in-case redirect added to my htaccess file, that was all I had to do. Relatively painless as far as sysadmin goes.

As for this week just gone? Nothing to say. It’s just one of those weeks. I think I’m in one of those all-too-regular loss-of-enthusiasm troughs. For instance, I watched two big wrestling shows last weekend, and enjoyed them for the most part, but bringing myself to write about them here? It’s not happening. Ah well.