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Date: October 2019

At work right now so I couldn’t watch anyway but did anyone expect anything good out of this show? Really? #WWECrownJewel #tweet

Probably won’t be seeing Terminator: Dark Fate (I missed the presser last week) but I assume they’ve gone and done a The Predator? #tweet

I’ve watched every episode of NWA Power and maybe half a match from AEW Dark? Read into that what you will > @garrettkidney #tweet

The failure to launch of that Game of Thrones spin-off is not at all good news for Belfast #tweet

Feel like I’m going against the grain here, but I wouldn’t mind being able to watch a lot of stuff on Netflix at 1.33x > @MacDara #tweet

I’m mortally offended that it’s getting dark this early #tweet

Film review — Eli

This fairly rote haunted-house medical horror from the director of the fine Citadel and terrible Sinister 2 takes such a gonzo twist in the final act that it’s worth persevering. More…

This happened to me on the old number 3 once; locals directing a poor garage engineer through the byways of Sandymount and Irishtown on a rainy winter’s night > @aoifegracemoore #tweet

Film review — Dolemite Is My Name

Eddie Murphy attempts both an affectionate tribute to Rudy Ray Moore, and to make amends for the casual homophobia and misogyny that marked much of his own rise to stardom, and more or less succeeds at both? I didn’t see that coming. (Mind you, we never do learn what happened to the vagrants that Dolemite nicked his act from, do we?) More…

Remember when people were trying to make out that Kofi getting squashed by Brock wasn’t a race thing? Seriously, this company… > @GoGoMyles #tweet

‘Pull factor’ is in itself a term rooted in racism, bigotry and ignorance. I expect more cop-on from our elected representatives, whether domestically or in Europe > @GraceOSllvn #tweet

You know what would be great? If the T20 World Cup wasn’t locked up by Sky #tweet

My quick take on yesterday’s EP vote shenanigans: Fine Gael did a Cameron #tweet

Jushin Thunder Liger and Ebessan action figures, boxed for display

Look what I just picked up from the post office @Liger_NJPW @kikutarosan > @MacDara #image

Messed up my right shoulder earlier this week, which has thrown a spanner in the whole ‘grocery shopping’ thing #tweet

“Sure isn’t everyone else parking their car on the footpath; why are you picking on me, warden?” > @rtenews #tweet

Tax return done, finally. Eish, that was a chunk #tweet

Film review — Avengement

In all seriousness, who needs S Craig Zahler and his crypto-fascism when you’ve got Scott Adkins fighting his way through Belmarsh prison and an East London pub? More…

Can’t stay for the @NUJofficial protest for Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi embassy this evening but will be there in spirit #EndImpunity #tweet

It is too early and I am too cold #tweet

How much of the budget of Triple Threat was spent on squibs and fake blood? Must be half, at least #tweet

That’s one Xmas present bought, so #tweet

Burning out on Brexit (I read a lot of what people have to say about it for work) but I had to check if that Sky News Brexit-Free thing was a satirical gag and, no, it’s real #tweet

Facts without context are meaningless. How hard a concept is that to grasp? #tweet

If Boris gets ‘his’ deal and it’s passed through parliament, then you’ll know for sure it was never, ever about the deal itself > @MacDara #tweet

Development perhaps only interesting to me: I can once again play on-demand videos from NJPW World in Chrome #tweet

I have no strong feelings about the Eric Bischoff thing. Bruce Prichard will surely do a better job, politically at least. But I’m not interested in WWE’s panic-stations booking at the moment so whatever #tweet

I have what I feel is quite a noticeable facial twitch this week. Probably stress-related. If you’re not the cause, I’m not sneering at you #tweet

Those N-plate arseholes in the BMW who honked as they close-passed me on my bike, I hope their balls shrivelled when I overtook them around the corner literally a minute later #tweet

Serendipitous to find this in my timeline seeing as I was in the presence of a cask of this stuff yesterday afternoon > @MacDara #tweet

Another thing I did not expect to be doing this week: seeing this > @MacDara #image

Thing I did not expect to be doing this week: speaking Afrikaans at a café in Killorglin #tweet

Whenever I try to hate on David Gray, I remember that one of The Last was in his backing band for years and deservedly made bank #tweet

Took the Glider out to West Belfast this afternoon. It’s deadly, and the ticketing app is a doddle. No other public transport as easy to use on this island #tweet

Weaknotes for m/e 5 October 2019

So I let a month go by. That’s why I went with ‘weaknotes’, after all. Bullet points required here, I think — just the highlights, the most remarkable that I didn’t already tweet or blog. Here we go. More…

Film review — Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Where action movies often go wrong is not that they try to do too much — that’s pretty much what we expect — but that they never know where to end. Hobbs and Shaw is case in point. It’s poor enough that this squanders the chemistry The Rock and Jason Statham have undeniably displayed in previous Fast and the Furious outings; but a story that drags on past the point of caring, while rendering too many of its probably-cool-on-paper set-pieces as Michael Bay-esque screen noise, just isn’t forgivable. Sometimes, even for a bombastic action film, less is more. More…