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Weaknotes for m/e 5 October 2019

So I let a month go by. That’s why I went with ‘weaknotes’, after all. Bullet points required here, I think — just the highlights, the most remarkable that I didn’t already tweet or blog. Here we go.

  • New music in the post: I ordered the 2CD version of the new Cloud Rat album from Bandcamp, which includes a bonus EP (as they call it, but it’s as long as an LP) of dark electronic tracks much more in the vein of what ‘grindcore’ as a concept was intended to be when the term was coined.
  • We’ve upgraded our indispensable rice cooker to a Pressure King Pro. It’s more or less an Instant Pot by a different manufacturer, and it works wonders so far. Just in time for stew weather and all.
  • It required waking up in the middle of the night, but I won an eBay auction for a rare Jushin Thunder Liger action figure that’s currently winging its way here from Sapporo: probably the most midlife crisis thing I’ll ever do.
  • Taking out the recycling after work one rainy night, I didn’t notice a frog followed me inside. A frog! Decades on this earth and that was the first frog I’d ever seen in the wild, believe it or not. Luckily we were able to shoo it back out the front door after a chase around the living room; I think it was as surprised to see us as we were it.

That’s your lot. I hope the month was good to you. Looking forward, it’s an active week ahead for yours truly, and I feel a cold coming on. Good excuse for an Irish coffee.