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Date: November 2019

I couldn’t get past the first song on the new Cattle Decapitation, it’s so feckin’ cheesy. Just play the new Exhumed or something actually good like that #tweet

VPN is giving me a headache so I’ll have to watch AEW Dynamite the old-fashioned way #tweet

Please go to this gig in Dublin on Saturday night because I cannot > @odubhda #tweet

Still waiting for this, as there remains a lack of clarity over what ‘printer’ means in this context (books/brochures vs general office stuff) > @MacDara #tweet

Typical that the Graves ‘apology’ is a non-apology as he takes no real ownership over what he tweeted, or why he tweeted it > @MacDara #tweet

Someone please point me to any news story over the last few days that explains why Leinster House has ever needed its own printing press? > @MacDara #tweet

Bump for the morning crowd! Enlarged Heart Radio #27 is streaming with guitars and drums and things that aren’t guitars or drums > @MacDara #tweet

Lost my bike lights between Dublin and Dundalk so had to walk my bike home. I’m not in a good mood tonight > @MacDara #tweet

Film review — Honey Boy

No time to write up a proper review of this one, but I have thoughts. Mostly around the idea of this being yet another narrative of familial abuse and estrangement where redemption is achieved through reconnection and forgiveness as if that path is mandatory. Honey Boy presents itself as something different, and to be fair it’s remarkably staged and beautifully shot, with performances that deserve awards attention for going where you might not expect. (And yes, I know it’s Shia LaBeouf adapting his own relationship with his father for the screen.) But in essence it’s as clichéd as the rest of ’em. And that cliché, an almost bullying edict (‘You must forgive your parents even if they’ve been extraordinarily shitty to you!’), is not something I care to stomach. More…

That’s my Jawbox ticket sorted, so. Not even sure if I’m going yet but hey, just in case #tweet

The NWA Power feature on Thunder Rosa’s MMA debut was excellent stuff. Now watching AEW Dark to complete Tuesday night wrestling #tweet

Gallows humour does not preclude empathy #tweet

I’m honestly baffled by Brock Lesnar in 2019. What was the point of that match with Rey last night? What’s the point of anything he’s involved in? What’s the intended reaction? #tweet

Carefully avoiding tweeting about the things that don’t need the oxygen but trust me, I’ve got Opinions #tweet

WWE making another company’s talent a part of their own storyline is such a bullshit power move and only shows how rattled they are #tweet

Fruit from supermarket shelves is almost uniformly awful. Unripe bananas, pears that taste like papier-mâché? Blecch > @jonbecker_ #tweet

Ugh, I hate the new Intercontinental Championship belt #tweet

Thread about cycling in Ireland for the motorists we’re supposed to ‘share the road’ with > @conndonovan9 #tweet

There’s my grindcore feature looking all fancy with the new @Bandcamp Daily layout > @Bandcamp #tweet

Catching up on the last two weeks of NXT ahead of TakeOver tomorrow. Y’know, adding the 205 guys to the roster was a really smart move, they’re larger than life in that environment #tweet

I graduated with a 2.1 in Critical Analytical Career Skills from UCD. Waiting for the corporate recruiters to come calling. Any day now... > @faduda #tweet

The question we should be asking is, who radicalised knock-off Carol Vorderman? #tweet

I just misheard @BeeBonthuys saying ‘Ken Burns’ Vietnam documentary’ as ‘Ken Burns’ Vince McMahon documentary’ and now there’s nothing else I want to see more #tweet

Came down with a raging sore throat last night, was up half the night with it. Throat feels not so bad today, but the rest of my head? Ugh #tweet

I want to love #NWAPowerrr but then Bram shows up and I have to wonder why they choose to book him. Being carny mofos isn’t an excuse > @MacDara #tweet

Watching the 1993 Survivor Series and there’s Ricky Morton doing a tope suicida so it makes perfect sense he’s busting out Canadian destroyers in 2019 > @MacDara #tweet

It’s easy to pooh-pooh early ‘90s WWF but it’s mind-boggling how much the landscape changed between the 1991 and 1992 Survivor Series > @MacDara #tweet

The first powerbomb I saw was by Sid Vicious, but no one did it quite like Big Van Vader > @KassiusOhno #tweet

I used to dislike the Winged Eagle because it looked so much smaller than the Big Gold Belt, but this is the correct assessment > @cagesideseats #tweet

So cold tonight, it just took a full 20 seconds for the hot tap water to come out warm #tweet

This weekend has been mostly split between work and The Man in the High Castle s04 #tweet

Northside People paper round to 130-odd doors around my area, every Wednesday afternoon. My mam helped me fold the papers (she did most of it, really) before going out as they were too weighty to lug around otherwise > @GrimKim #tweet

It’s Friday lunchtime and this week’s AEW Dynamite still isn’t on the ITV Hub. If UK ratings are down this week, I can’t imagine why… #tweet

It’s unconscionable that a 25-minute train journey between Drogheda and Dundalk costs nearly €10 #tweet

CM Punk yadda yadda: why aren’t we talking about WWE Backstage getting the Honest Trailers guy? #tweet

So I just tried to buy a 10-journey Matthews Bus ticket at the @LeapCard site but it no longer gives the option to load the card on the bus > @MacDara #tweet

I was already thinking of going to Ned Rothenberg & Paul G Smyth at the NCH next week, but when I realised Ned is an SST alum (he was in Semantics with Elliott Sharp) I had to get a ticket #tweet

It’s 2019 and I still can’t stream a Blu-ray from the Xbox in the living room to a computer in another room because ‘piracy’ #tweet

Watching Full Gear and I have to ask: why does Excalibur say ‘medulla oblongata’ when he means ‘external occipital protuberance’? > @MacDara #tweet

Watching this GAB ‘88 tour show on the Network and Teddy Long getting verbal with card-carrying Klansman Dick Murdoch is... charged, to say the least #tweet