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Weaknotes for f/e 2 November 2019

This sudden change of seasons hasn’t been great for my health the last couple of weeks. And it is most definitely a new season: winter in Ireland starts in November and don’t let anyone ever tell you different.

I’ve had a cold that took forever to shake. I messed up my right shoulder while mowing wet grass (that’s a fool’s errand, I should have taken my own advice on that one). And then going for a shower one night, my foot slipped in the tub and I rammed my other knee into the side of the bath.

Oh, and I also had to file my tax return. Delightful.

But on the plus side, I’ve watched a fair few movies that I’ve been reviewing on Letterboxd and reblogging here. And on Saturday night I enjoyed seeing Daughters for half an hour, before my tolerance for the crowd was exhausted (but hey, I got home early and picked up some Boojum on the way home for Bee and myself).

Happy birthday to this place, which last Friday officially turned old enough to drink and see all those movies with the angry red badge on them.