Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Date: December 2019

Anyway, I see Blue Ruin just got added (back?) to Netflix so you should watch that to ring in the new year appropriately #tweet

Day whatever: at this stage I just want to feel human again for Wrestle Kingdom this weekend #tweet

In the real world, the Xmas number one is ‘Toss A Coin To Your Witcher’, not a song no one’s heard that was socially engineered to top the charts #tweet

If one wanted to watch that New Order documentary on Sky Arts, is it available on demand on Now TV? #tweet

Day six: so I might pass the €20 test, but not the ‘supermarket I can see from the front door and is literally a five-minute walk’ test #tweet

Film review — Leviathan

There was something in the water, pardon the pun, with 1989’s proliferation of subaquatic thrillers: The Abyss, DeepStar Six and this here Leviathan, where the pitch is more or less ‘What if Alien, but like The Thing, at the bottom of the ocean?’ Sounds alright, but these people exercise such poor contamination protocol, they deserve everything they get, so the only thing left to root for is the monster. More…

Day five: chanced a turkey sandwich as I need something to get through work this afternoon. Never been so glad to ‘just’ have a rotten headcold now #tweet

I’ve had two bowls of rice and I’m keeping them down so that’s something #tweet

Day four: forcing down breakfast to take Nurofen Plus was a big mistake 🤮 #tweet

Welp, fever and shakes returned. Back to bed for me #tweet

Suddenly taken very ill yesterday evening and was up all night trying to break my fever but I feel much better this morning #tweet

Film review — Gemini Man

As rote as it gets for an action movie, sigh. I don’t even have any witty remarks about the high frame rate nonsense as it saw it in ’normal’ HD. More…

Remembering that year I saw a notice at Clerys for Santa’s impending arrival from the ‘nth pole’ and actually, that explains everything #tweet

Finishing work early today, hopefully, so there might be an episode of Enlarged Heart Radio in it for you this evening. After I’ve gone to the pharmacy for cough medicine #tweet

Didn’t expect respected newsman Jon Snow to retweet that TERF bullshit from JK Rowling but here we are #tweet

This tweet of mine was unnecessarily passive-aggressive > @MacDara #tweet

Weaknotes for f/e 21 December 2019

I’m still not quite sold on the utility of these weaknotes when my blog already pulls in tweets from the stream of consciousness of my daily life (of which I care to share) but I suppose there’s some worth in sitting down to take stock, and see what’s stuck from the previous days (or weeks). As for this past fortnight? Mostly depression about the awfulness of the UK general election. That and I’ve hardly seen the sun come out this month. More…

I hope mine is one of these, since I pre-ordered it seven weeks ago > @RingsideC #tweet

“If you WANT to enjoy it then you 100% will” is such a trash opinion. Vacant, just devoid of any depth or nuance or personality #tweet

Just received a slim envelope packet from the States that cost the sender $24 to post it here. You read that right, $24! #tweet

This is a Thursday? It feels like a Friday #tweet

Late to last week’s NXT but anyway: that Angel Garza/Lio Rush match, holy moly #tweet

Just checked the weather forecast and I don’t think we’re seeing sunlight again until 2020 #tweet

Two episodes left to watch of The Expanse s04 and can I just say how happy I am to have this show in my life #tweet

Was jonesing for a Macaroon Bar but have to say I’m disappointed in what I got today. There’s a lot less coconut than I remember #tweet

Email is not an option as the IMMA website contact form does not work and they don’t have a plain old email address like normal people. Too much friction in this process for 2019… > @MacDara #tweet

I’ve been saying this for years: he’s always looking at the octagon, never at his monitor. If they did a Monday Nitro-style desk he’d probably turn his chair around, too > @davidbix #tweet

The first wrestling match I ever saw in person was on this tour: Regal versus some bloke named Oz, dunno what became of him… > @RealKingRegal #tweet

I guess @IMMAIreland doesn’t actually engage on social media. Email on Monday it is, so > @MacDara #tweet

Best purchase in a while: the cheap Bluetooth adaptor I just got for my old iPod dock speakers. Works a treat on first test #tweet

It was all downhill from when Gordon Brown apologised to that bigoted woman > @MacDara #tweet

The surge of the pound isn’t about ideology, it’s about stability: the result brings perceived certainty re Brexit, and the markets love certainty. (The sheer amorality of that is related, sure, but distinct) > @MacDara #tweet

Bigotry won. Fake news won. There’s really no more to it than that #tweet

People seem incredulous that so many are deluded and have gone all-in on the worst kind and I’m like, have you been under a rock for the last 10 years? #tweet

Oh, and anyone who thinks ‘Corbyn’ was a bigger issue here than the influence of Facebook fakery is just Wrong with a capital W #tweet

If you think this result means Northern Ireland leaving the Union is happening any time soon, you know nothing about NI politics or culture #tweet

Finn Bálor referred to as ‘Prince’ on NXT; New Japan puts WCW-branded Starrcade In Tokyo Dome in NJPW World. Probably not related, but curious all the same #tweet

Don’t know how many eligible voters follow me here, and I don’t know if you need to hear this, but please don’t waste your vote today. Make sure the Tories don’t get in, for all our sakes #tweet

Cheers for all the NXT spoilers, people. It’s not like everyone outside of North America can’t legally watch it till tomorrow or anything #tweet