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Enlarged Heart Radio 28

Delayed from the holidays by illness and life in general, Episode 28 of Enlarged Heart Radio is finally here with another hour of interesting sounds for your ears. I’m still getting the hang of mixing down so you may need to turn this one up.

Playlist: Shit And Shine – Kentucky Cellphone (feat Tropical Trash) / Uniform & The Body – Not Good Enough / Don Caballero – Dick Suffers Is Furious With You / Matt Jencik – Dead Comet Return / Sprain – Anything / Woolen Men – Brick Horizon / Mass Arrest – White World / Zig Zags – Political Nightmare / Mark Eitzel – The Last Ten Years / Yowie – The Reason Your House Is Haunted Can Be Found On This Microfiche / French Vanilla – Friendly Fire / Polyrock – Go West / Psychic Graveyard – Victim Of A Talk Radio Crisis / Aoife Nessa Frances – Land Of No Junction