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Weaknotes for February 2020

Back to a monthly schedule for these, I think.

Realising on the first of February that I didn’t have anything to talk about regarding the previous week, I decided to screw it and wait till the end of the month.

I did suggest when I started these last year that they wouldn’t be on a fixed schedule (I went with ‘weaknotes’ for a reason). While I am now in the habit of taking notes and taking stock more regularly than I had been, going forward I’m feeling like monthly is more my style. So here we are.

Spring is finally here! It begins on the first of February as per the traditional Irish calendar, although the weather didn’t start to reflect the seasonal change until March (today, actually; it felt warm in the sunshine, as brief as it was).

February also brought a General Election here which has yet (as of early March) to give us a new Government. That looks to be the case for the foreseeable, what with the Covid-19 crisis at hand.

Speaking of viruses, I spent half of February ill, again. And with another cold that hit me like the flu; steamrollered by chills and shakes and aches in every joint, then feeling not-too-bad for a day or two before being struck down again.

Oh, and I’ve lost much of the hearing in my left ear, again. Bee looked up my symptoms (not enough congestion, and I can hear for a split second when I yawn) and it’s most likely a swollen eustachian tube. I’m waiting it out, but it renders basic things like, say, enjoying music quite difficult if not outright impossible.

When my hearing comes back, I’ll let you know how good my copy of the new vinyl reissue of Polvo’s Cor-Crane Secret sounds.

In the meantime, I’m watching TV (lots of The X-Files) and easy-viewing movies. I’m no longer watching Star Trek: Picard; I’ve come to accept it’s just a badly written show by people who’ve only heard of but never actually watched Star Trek.

I did give a shot to another Prime Video show, Hunters, but I think I’m off that wagon too; there’s promise in its Nazi hunter plot, and when it’s a serious thriller/drama it works, but a few episodes in and I’m really put off by its self-conscious, forced geek-baiting oddness, plus the fact more than one villain so far has been recycled from The Man in the High Castle, which is just plain lazy.

Before I got sick, I went to Dublin to see avant rockers black midi at the Button Factory. Well, see isn’t that accurate a statement, as being one of the shorter bodies in the crowd I saw feck all. I didn’t hear very much, either, partly from the chatbots all around me, and partly from poor sound in the venue that rendered the newly introduced saxophone (from Kaidi Akinnibi, subbing for one of the two co-guitarists/vocalists) all but mute. Other than that, the band were tight. (If you haven’t heard their debut album Schlagenheim, which made up the bulk of their set, you should fix that.) I’d love to enjoy them in a different venue, with better sound.

That was my February. I’m not sure March will be much to write home about, either. But that’s OK.