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Date: May 2020

Get out of here with that ‘cops have been showing restraint’ bullshit; POCs have been showing restraint for centuries #BlackLivesMatter #tweet

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I really get the impression nearly every high school bully became a cop #tweet

We’ve been staring up at the moon for a good 20 minutes and we ain’t seen nothin’ #tweet

Tell me this isn’t a guinea pig on its hind legs > @MacDara #tweet

How am I 40 today? What? Numbers aren’t real #tweet

Big into omelettes this week. Having one now for (late) breakfast: four eggs, salt/pepper/soya sauce, hot sauce & feta in a wholemeal pitta #tweet

Just remembered about this gig: Ryley Walker played support and everyone was sitting on the floor and it was insufferably twee so I stayed in the other room. But he’s a prince of Twitter now and I can’t hate on him > @MacDara #tweet

Hey, you know who were a good band that no one talks about any more? Labradford #tweet

Subject to change: Mike Watt / Melt-Banana / Voivod / Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins Alone) / Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno / Rush > @BBC6Music #tweet

Here’s my take on the Leo park BBQ thing: he didn’t have to #tweet

Before I answer, let’s be clear that ‘black and white’ isn’t a genre. That being said, Sweet Smell of Success, with Young Frankenstein a close second > @Arts_Channel #tweet

I’ve just finished watching Double or Nothing and I enjoyed it a lot. First time I’ve really liked wrestling in weeks, actually. That is all #tweet

Unpacked the Wii yesterday as I needed a weighing scales and the last time I used it was nine years ago, apparently #tweet

Brexit in a single tweet: the UK wants the EU’s Netflix login #tweet

PSA if you’re with Three Ireland you can get a three-month sub to MUBI for just €1, and it’s worth even more now since they’ve opened their film library #tweet

Found out yesterday an old neighbour from two doors down died of Covid-19 in a nursing home. Not the first victim on the street I grew up on, either #tweet

Bee spot-on about the news today: they wouldn’t circle the wagons for any other aide, so that should tell you everything #tweet

Does anyone else have a rotten sinus headache? #tweet

FML literally everywhere I’ve checked is sold out of hair clippers. Clearly there was a run on them and no one told me > @MacDara #tweet

I knew the news was coming (I’ve worked on enough similar stories over the years) but I’m really broken up about Shad Gaspard #tweet

Right, I’ve come to accept I won’t be visiting a barber any time soon, maybe even this year. So, any recommendations for hair clippers so I can give myself a number three? #tweet

Film review — Underwater

Kristen Stewart’s character doesn’t rinse her mouth when she brushes her teeth, which honestly made me uncomfortable from the outset. More…

Film review — Sea Fever

“We have to take responsibility.” Prescient themes, indeed. Almost worth forgiving the dodgy accents, and the borrowed tension from Alien and The Thing. More…

Right, now the recommendation here is to wear a face mask at the supermarket. So, where I can get washable one, then? #tweet

Film review — Three

What even is this? It’s supposed to be a suspenseful action thriller about a wanted criminal boss with a bullet in his brain who refuses treatment and the cops who want him in a cell but themselves are targets of the criminal’s associates, which is all well and good. But nothing happens. Literally, for all but the last 15 minutes the characters mill around and bicker, plans are formed and fall through, and all with little if any progression to the story. I don’t know where everyone else is reading all this social commentary in the text, when there’s barely any text to begin with. Ditto the supposed balletic composition. There’s no surprise to the supposedly tense bits — really, it has all the tension of someone setting up an elaborate domino run that just sort of flops over and it’s done and should we clap now? I suppose it’s polite, like you would at the end of a ballet that sucked. Meanwhile, the main protagonist is an asshole misogynist who constantly needles his overweight colleague (who’s played for comic relief, so you know what kind of bullshit that is). A key plot point seems to hinge on everyone’s astonishment that a man who says his right hand is banjaxed can still shoot a gun with it, and anyway can still use his left hand? And it’s dotted with product placement for some brand of itch relief cream? I… what?? More…

I’m so disconnected from the current product, I only learned today the NXT CW title tournament is in round-robin blocks like the BOSJ #tweet

If I keep wheeling out my mundane Gerard Butler encounter (I sold him a CD player cleaner, just before he became mega-famous) maybe one day it’ll pay off > @MavenofHonor #tweet

Migrating to a new iPhone would be so much easier if it shipped with the latest iOS update, or prompted to update before doing literally anything else #tweet

Forgot that getting a new broadband provider and router means my printer’s wireless settings are messed up so I’m gonna have to delete everything and start from scratch, aren’t I? #tweet

Bee finally figured this out: I had to install iTunes, which I never before needed on my Windows PC, and suddenly the hotspot decides to work again. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU APPLE > @MacDara #tweet

Nightline’s customer service is the pits. Their website for eir modem returns is broken, but they fob me off to eir who will do… what exactly? #tweet

I remember this! Didn’t the fight continue outside the building, Cobb County Civic Center in Marietta? > @Monsoon_Classic #tweet

I turned it off after half an hour but watched the rest today. Oh boy, it was not good. I’m sure Vince found it hilarious, though > @MacDara #tweet

I’m watching the show but it’s making me sad. I haven’t watched any new wrestling since Mania, I’m just not feeling it anymore #tweet

So, does USB tethering from an iPhone to Windows just not work anymore? #tweet

Film review — The Lodge

It’s interesting that most people’s takeaway from this seems to be ‘these kids are awful’ when it should be quite obvious the dad is the real villain. More…

Delighted to find @CHIKARApro on Prime Video: colourful, family-friendly wrestling with a large heaping of absurdity #tweet

I delivered the Northside People in St Anne’s. I can still smell the inky newsprint > @UnaMullally #tweet

No joke, most of the music I enjoy, even (especially?) the really weird stuff, wouldn’t exist without Little Richard #tweet

Has anyone trolled what’s-his-name with pictures of Staffies looking cute? Because he fuckin’ HATES dogs like that #tweet

So… they didn’t give notice for the switch this evening (think of the WFH crowd, like) and I had to scramble to set up the new router but now it’s done > @MacDara #tweet

This is actually really useful information and other councils would do well to follow suit > @DubCityCouncil #tweet

QANU? NOU? Fidelity Jones? Hoover? I’m house 8 all the way, baby > @beautypill #tweet

I’ve noticed a trend: Mon-Wed? Supermarket SD queues negligible; Thurs onwards? Good luck #tweet

My hair hasn’t been this long* in 20 years. It feels weird, man > @MacDara #tweet

Our new modem/router arrived today; now awaiting deets on when the engineer’s doing the switchover > @MacDara #tweet