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Film review — Fear City: New York vs The Mafia

“There’s a strange bond that sometimes exists between law enforcement officers and criminals. They both live by codes of honour and respect more stringent than most normal people. And there’s a certain psychological connection there.”

That’s one of the cops of this piece, inadvertently revealing the police psyche as we see it plain as day today.

It’s symptomatic of a documentary that’s lacking in imagination or self-reflection in the way it presents the pretty technical ins and outs of how the US Attorney’s Office cracked their case against the five Mafia families that more-or-less ran New York City in the 1970s and ’80s.

I bring up self-reflection because when Rudy Giuliani shows up the second act, despite my knowing the story can’t be told without him, I did consider flipping to the Mob’s side. And when you-know-who rears his ugly head, I was almost rooting for the wise guys to take a little more off the top.

(Ordinarily I wouldn’t record TV here, as that’s what Trakt is for, but since this ’Netflix Limited Series’ is barely two-and-a-half hours in total, I suspect it was a feature that was chopped up to boost its appeal given the habits of the medium’s subscriber base.) ★★½

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