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Film review — Judge Dredd

There’s a lot to love about this film. No really, hear me out! There’s the cast, which runs from Max von Sydow and Jürgen Prochnow to James Remar and Ian Dury; a veritable who’s-who of ‘that guys’. The iconic uniforms are adapted by Gianni Versace, no less. And the overall production design is on point; it really does look the part, given the era when it was made.

In fact, it’s that sheer attention to detail aesthetically that makes the rest so frustrating: from the shooting script, stripped almost entirely of the political and social satire inherent to the comics, to the lead — who might have the chiseled jaw, but is otherwise entirely unsuited to a character whose face is never mean to be seen. It’s kind of the point, like?

Whether these were studio-mandated concessions to US multiplex audiences or bad seeds in the script from the beginning is up for debate, but I’m inclined to believe the former. So that’s director Danny Cannon’s excuse (not that there’s any excusing Geostorm, mind).

Also, they really missed a trick not fitting in Anthrax’s ‘I Am The Law’ somewhere. That’s what prompted my curiosity to watch this again in the first place. What a tune. ★★½

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