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Film review — Hype!

Weird to make a film about the Seattle scene after the bubble had well and truly burst. The makers seem to realise they’re on a fool’s errand and try to lean into it; behold the graphic designer guy slicing up eBay-bait gig flyers on a guillotine. The rest of it is a mish-mash of vignettes capturing bands still breathing life into a scene that was just doing its own thing before the money train rolled in (one of them, The Gits, would lose their lead singer in a senseless murder and bring the curtain down on that second, post-Cobain act) and a few of those at the coalface who lucked out, thinking “That was nice, wasn’t it?” (PS I still love Soundgarden; they were my gateway band but remain superlative in their own right. TAD, too.) ★★★

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