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Film review — Halloween Kills

It seems David Gordon Green responded to criticisms that his Halloween reboot lacked character development to accompany Michael Myers’ killing spree by going to the other extreme and lining up a succession of perfectly genial if not genuinely sweet townsfolk of all ages to be brutally murdered in the most ghastly, gratuitous and mean-spirited fashion. It’s a pity as the story’s main conceit — a spin on the hospital set-up of Halloween II, with the whole town ganging up to take on Haddonfield’s boogeyman — has potential, echoing even as far back as the classic horror era. But the execution gives the distinct impression that this is the product of sick minds, like someone who fails to read the room before telling a repugnant joke that inadvertently admits who they really are. If that makes me sound like a Mary Whitehouse type, well, that’s a risk I’m willing to take. ★

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