Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

The about page

A few words from the author…

I’m MacDara Conroy. I’m a word wrangler, mediavore and wrestling aficionado, living in Dundalk (via Dublin) with the lovely Bee and our slowly growing collection of board games. Here’s what’s going on with me right /now.


This website is my home on the web: it’s a blog, a notepad, an online scrapbook, a digital garden. It’s whatever I make it to be. There’s an Archive that dates back to 2001. You can even read my Master’s thesis if you want to. It’s all probably more useful to me than to you, but if you want to support what I do here you can buy me a Ko-fi. If you’re looking to get in touch you can send me an email.

There & Elsewhere

You can also find me on Twitter and Mastodon and occasionally on MetaFilter. I share photos on Flickr, though not so much since they capped uploads at a thousand. I scrobble the music I listen to on Last.fm, record and review films I see on Letterboxd, track the shows I watch on Trakt.tv and books I’m reading on Goodreads.


This is the umpteenth version of my personal website, which I’ve been keeping since October 1999 (and at the current domain since 2003). The blog started in November 2001 and has been running on and off ever since.

The current design went live in January 2017 (then was slightly updated in March 2018 and July 2019, and given a refresh in September 2020) after a decade of variations on the previous theme. It’s (mostly) hand-coded in HTML5 and CSS3, building on the responsive CSS framework Skeleton, with the Atom text editor. The font is Inconsolata. The site is published to the web with WordPress and is hosted by Blacknight Solutions.

The copyright in all original content on this website (including text and images) is owned by me, MacDara Conroy, and licensed under a Creative Commons licence.


This is a personal website. The views and opinions expressed on this site, at time of publication, are/were mine alone, and do not represent the views of my current employers, or any previous employers. I make no pretensions as to the veracity, accuracy or completeness of this site’s content. Some content may also be reworked, edited or removed as I see fit. In addition, parts of this site may contain ‘unsavoury’ language, or links to other sites with such content. Just to make myself clear.