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The record that gave that band their name, but little else: this is the eclectic sound of late ‘80s SST which isn’t to everyone’s taste, especially if you’re only familiar with the Black Flag hardcore side, but it’s right up my alley. #video

So you want to start a record collection

Good tips here. My collecting days are behind me, but I’ve got a few LPs, and there are a few more I’d like to have, but I need a better player to get the most out of them. #link

A full album of early tone-fucking sounds from Toshimaru Nakamura, the guy who collaborated with US power-jazz trio Many Arms on their intense 2015 LP. #video

'Ghoul Whispers', from the upcoming collaborative LP by Sly & the Family Drone and Dead Neanderthals. They're playing the Raw Power festival in London this May if you're around; I wish I could be. #video

The Decline Of The Irish Metal Civilisation, Yet Again

"With all the clubs, gigs and activity happening in Dublin, you’d be under the illusion that there’s actually a real, thriving scene here. There’s not. There’s a disparate number of different groups all struggling to do something for their respective audiences. The only thing that really sells is nostalgia." #link

Kevin Drumm on Bandcamp

The noise musician's page for his prolific self-release catalogue. Bit expensive for digital vanity projects, mind. #link

Heavy Metal Be-Bop

Interviews about jazz and heavy metal by Hank Shteamer, the man behind the recent Craw reissues (which are fabulous, by the way, and I'd have a physical copy if I could afford one). #link

The Day the Music Died: Linda Kite in Her Own Words

D Boon's fiancée shares her story of that fateful night 30 years ago. This is from over a year ago but I only saw it via a tweet recently; some relief that no individual was to blame for what happened, though that was never what mattered. #link