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This is probably my finest ever tweet and I got nothing. Shame on all of you > @MacDara #tweet

Ticket secured for black midi next February #tweet

I just don’t have the energy to complain to eir about how unreliable our broadband connection has been since June #tweet

How did Rocky’s trainer suggest he apply condiments to his grilled beef patty sandwiches? ‘Burgers merit dip’ #tweet

I know it’s such A Thing to say ‘you know Ric Ocasek produced a Bad Brains album?’ but he did and Rock for Light is very good #tweet

Ad Astra so desperately wants to be spoken of in the same breath as Kubrick’s 2001, which it homages to a ridiculous degree #tweet

The new Cloud Rat is out today and of course it rips. Best grindcore band going right now, hands down #tweet

One thing I neglected to note in my review of Extra Ordinary: nice use of Don Caballero’s ‘The Peter Criss Jazz’ > @thumped #tweet

Memory is foggy but I think my first was a double bill of The Hot Chick and The 25th Hour at the Buena Vista cinema (the former Grand in Fairview) > @andyffgibbons #tweet

I fear I may have written the only not-overwhelmingly-enthusiastic review of Extra Ordinary, going by the gushing on my timeline #tweet

Finally got my hands on a Greggs vegan sausage roll. Would eat again #tweet

Really fucking tired of not being able to find the clothes I want in my size #tweet

Fancy new RSA drive test centre on one of the worst kept roads in Dundalk, I see you #tweet

Daniel Johnston … 58 is far too young to go #tweet

Research lacking in this @verge piece on the new WWE Network, as users have indeed been left to start from scratch without their watchlists > @MacDara #tweet

Anywhere in Dundalk or Dublin I can get a drop bolt for a driveway gate? Someone’s nicked ours, you see #tweet

Webmentions just stopped working on my blog. I have no clue. Why did I even bother? #tweet

First Netflix pulls Avengement within a day, then the Network pulls the MTV specials that dropped yesterday? I’m not having good luck with streaming #tweet

I get why they’re doing this but it doesn’t make much sense for anyone outside of the Americas > @WWENXT #tweet

The new Futureheads album is alright. I mean, they’re never gonna make another ‘First Day’, I’m resigned to that, but it’s no News and Tributes either > etc @MacDara #tweet

This is bad form from New Japan. The ref (and Ishii for that matter) should’ve known better > @Deadspin #tweet

Mike Watt said he dug my shirt. Mind you, it was a plaid shirt, so one could argue I was fishing for compliments > @jamesjammcmahon #tweet

Is anyone else as cold as I am this morning? #tweet

Random thoughts on #AEWAllOut: Kenny Omega looks tired; JR needs to go; poor Pharaoh and pyro don’t mix; the ladder match was bad TV; so many production kinks! > etc @MacDara #tweet

It wasn’t supposed to rain today #tweet

Watching the outstanding Prime Target special to get psyched up for TakeOver: Cardiff #tweet

I’m still at work when it starts, but it was NJPW putting Royal Quest on PPV that really swayed me. So I’ll be watching TakeOver UK live this evening #tweet

Is there anything like a sit-down ice cream parlour in Dublin? One that does proper sundaes and banana splits and the like, not just cups of gelato? #tweet

My Unwound box set arrived this morning so we’ll be spending some quality time together after work #tweet

Finally got an SSL certificate installed on my website. That only took two hours of messing things up and troubleshooting #tweet

Here’s a tweet that will only make sense this week: I’d have stopped after the breading/frying part, the pizza topping is overkill #tweet

It’s very telling that I never have nightmares about college. But school dreams? Yep #tweet

Everyone’s going on about the Death Row Records thing when the real story is that High On Fire are now signed to Hasbro #tweet

In the battle of the Devo tributes, the new Ceremony beats the new Sleater-Kinney hands down #tweet

Yesterday at the shops, I saw a 5,000-yen note dropped at the trolley bay. Not beyond the realms of possibility; there are Japanese students here. But that's a lot of money (around €42). Except... > etc @MacDara #tweet

My MA dissertation was on blogging and journalism, put laughably out of date by the rise of social media within a couple of years, but at least it pointed analysis in the right direction > @icod #tweet

Hasbro (has-bro?) laughing to the bank as MAGA hatters grab their copies to own the libs and never even make it through a single play because it's not even a game, it's just a troll > @nick_kapur #tweet

In hindsight, a better headline for last night’s Brexit news might’ve been ‘Johnson takes 30-day deadline from Merkel’ since it’s what he (and pol-eds) took from it, not what she offered (which was nothing, just a generalised comment) > etc @MacDara #tweet

And there’s the solid evidence (if it were needed) that Bolsonaro and his industry mates are solely to blame for this disaster > @rtenews #tweet

Guardians and Defenders are basically the same thing, right? Like the CFL had the Roughriders and the Rough Riders #tweet

Thought I’d just invented the scromlette (microwave scrambled eggs, but flop it out of the bowl at the end in a single mass) but I was beaten to it by an inferior concept, drat! #tweet

Having one of those weeks where I keep forgetting what day it is. What would we do without calendars? #tweet

This should have been included in the original press release. I'm fine with a 24-hour delay. I mean, how many Raws or SDs get watched on that ridiculous four-week hold? > @WWENetwork #tweet

Does anyone have an answer for how people outside North America can keep watching NXT? Will it still be on the Network? #tweet