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North: Belfast* / South: Cape of Good Hope / East: Kruger National Park* / West: Toronto (*Not counting flight paths) > @jackalexe #tweet

I’ve got more than a few friends who are Cardiacs fans so I’m thinking of them at the news of Tim Smith’s passing #tweet

Trying to do some work but sunshine and humidity means the broadband’s down again so that’s put paid to that #tweet

Here’s a question for your Monday: Are supply chain logistics predicated on delivery drivers ignoring parking restrictions? #tweet

Giving this morning’s press screening a miss as it would’ve meant a three-hour commute from door to door #tweet

I mean really, how much was it to ask for a gangly eye flopping around on Rey’s face and then he yanks it off and throws it at Seth and Seth swallows it #tweet

Watching last night’s Impact Wrestling show out of sheer curiosity. It’s been so long... are the ring ropes always so nubbly? #tweet

Ugh ran into a logic bug fairly early in so need to replay a whole section from an older save gah! > @MacDara #tweet

The instructions on this pasta I bought the other day are literally ‘cook it till it’s done’ #tweet

Bee and I are playing Beyond a Steel Sky and she is being very patient with me, especially since it’s the sequel to one of her favourite games #tweet

Don’t understand the rush to defend Eamon Ryan’s snoozing on the job. Even if it was a politician I personally liked, I’d have to admit the symbolism is Very Bad #tweet

Went to Newry yesterday for a couple of hours. Feck-all people wearing face masks in shops but at least I felt like distancing is still a thing, unlike here > @MacDara #tweet

Travelled out of Dundalk today for the first time since… February, I think? #tweet

It’s remarkable how much harder it is to enjoy AEW Dynamite when Schiavone isn’t on commentary #tweet

My second attempt at making maple fudge (well, tablet) was more successful than the first, thanks mostly to using non-weird-smelling maple syrup #tweet

I’m also fully aware it’s more complicated than this, but it all underscores one position: wealthy people and companies should be paying (more) tax > @MacDara #tweet

I’m surely not the only one who would’ve been surprised if the state and Apple lost their appeal. Tax is for the poors, not multinationals, after all #tweet

I only have two cake-related tweets. The first one is: if you think fondant is bad, you’ve never had royal icing > @MacDara #tweet

Woke up this morning to the absolutely heartbreaking news about Grant Imahara, RIP #tweet

Just bought something from one of those emails Bandcamp sends you so I guess direct marketing still works #tweet

Always thought I heard a hint of D Boon in the Franz Ferdinand sound so I’m delighted to read this thread > @alkapranos #tweet

Doing a double-take at all the New Japan tweets in my feed this morning #tweet

My abiding memory of this gig was that their live version of ‘The Marshals Are Dead’ beat the stuffing out of the one on their debut EP > @MacDara #tweet

Bloc Party at Whelan’s; it was jammed but that’s still like only 450. Their next Dublin show (that I didn’t attend) was at the 8,000-seat 3Arena > @grahambasten #tweet

#NowPlaying Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat - Genetic #tweet

This just reminded me how good Fischerspooner’s ‘Invisible’ sounded over the PA down in HMV Grafton Street’s dance basement > @alan_maguire #tweet

I’ve never liked football but everything people are saying about the Charlton era and what it meant to the country is true #tweet

This is now in the post, at last! Any idea how long things are taking from the US at the moment? I’m awaiting another package shipped a week ago > @MacDara #tweet

Gonna have to call bullshit on the #ML2020 Newton’s cradle event; course conditions clearly improved for later runners, so there should’ve been an additional reverse-order run with a scoring average > @MacDara #tweet

Haven’t had the best week inside my head but the grape mochi I only ordered two days ago arrived this morning so that’s something #tweet

I don’t know why anyone would download a public beta of iOS when Apple can’t even get the full release versions right any more #tweet

Nothing says WWE has a uniform for street fights more than Candice LeRae and Mia Yim in denim shorts they’ve probably never worn before in their lives #tweet

My brain and body could’ve done with another couple of hours’ sleep to function today; four-and-a-bit doesn’t cut it #tweet

I’ve got a work-related question: What Government department do the waterways fall under now? I haven’t the foggiest #tweet

Got an invite to a press screening this Friday. An actual ‘sit down in a darkened theatre’ screening #tweet

Lidl have a pretty good Lenovo tablet (10 inch, 720p display) in stock from today for under €100, if you’re looking for one #tweet

My WWE Network subscription. Why was I paying 50% more than Americans to get shows a week after they do? > @HKesvani #tweet

Um, why isn’t last week’s NXT available on the Network? #tweet

Picked up Elite Dangerous in the Steam summer sale and it seems like the kind of Star Trekky, Expansey space trucking simulator I was looking for #tweet

When I visited Pretoria, which is 1.4km above sea level, I was out of breath from walking to the shops five minutes away. That seems like what would happen with even a mild case of Covid-19 and trust me, it wasn’t good #tweet

Why is this story about Baszler (who is actually good) and not how septuagenarian Vince just plain sucks when it comes to spotting and nurturing talent? > @cagesideseats #tweet

You know my CSS is rusty when I forget IDs get a hash instead of a dot. D’oh is me #tweet

Elderly parents get taken for granted by their adult children > @REDROMINA #tweet

My brain is finally calm enough to enjoy film so today I watched Our Little Sister, and I thought it was great > letterboxd.com #tweet

Just the one thing for me this Bandcamp Day: that Dewa Alit gamelan LP on Oren Ambarchi’s label Black Truffle > @MacDara #tweet

That John Cleese tweet doing the rounds only makes me think that with the Pythons he had a whole team with whom to workshop his jokes (and save him from himself) #tweet