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Film review — FM

I guess one person’s independent, counter-culture spirit is another’s corporate AOR with a side of rampant sexism. Just think that while these goobers were jamming to Jimmy Buffett, somewhere about 20 miles away the bands that would become Black Flag and the Minutemen were woodshedding for a real revolution. More…


Film review — 24 Hour Party People

In my opinion, this is stronger than Control, the Joy Division biopic, in that it probably better captures the real characters behind the moody monochrome images and stark, alienating post-punk in its bold refusal to take any of this shit too seriously. Turns out (24-hour parties notwithstanding) they’re just people. Apropos of nothing, if I’m remembering correctly the only other time I’ve seen this movie is when it was first out in cinemas, 18 years ago. That’s a whole adult. More…