Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

The /now page

Inspired by the /now page movement

Here’s what I’m up to, in no particular order, as of 9 October 2020:

  • I’ve joined Welocalize as an editor. It’s similar work to what I’d been doing with an existing client as an independent contractor, just at a different point in the workflow. It’s work-from-home for now, which suits me just fine (it was a blessing to count when I was floored by a head cold on my second day). It’s also my first full-time job in what feels like forever; I’ve been pretty fortunate with freelance work over the last few years, but the security of a more permanent position, especially in this climate, is very welcome.
  • I will, however, still be freelancing around the new role as is reasonable, and I’m open to talk about writing and editing projects, especially copy editing or proofreading. See my Work page for more details.
  • One more trip to Newry in late September makes that two times I’ve left Dundalk since February. I expect I’ll only be making one more excursion, prevailing restrictions allowing, before the end of the year. Right now I’m not going anywhere. I was resigned to no family Xmas months ago, and if you weren’t, maybe you haven’t been paying attention?
  • Circumstances have delayed the next edition of Enlarged Heart Radio, which I’d hoped to get out before the end of September. I’m sure you’ll understand. I have a new microphone-mixer set-up now so things should sound slightly more professional with the next episode, which you will hear soon enough.
  • My Duolingo streak is up to 695 days, and I’m still on my sudoku kick. The sudoku especially has been a help in focusing my untidy mind the last while; it’s only just hit me, with everything being so odd, that it’s more than three months since my casual subbing gig ended.
  • Someone please remind me to ring the bike shop for a service slot? It’s so long since the last tune-up I’ve actually forgotten when it was…