Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

The /now page

Inspired by the /now page movement

Here’s what’s going on with me, in no particular order, as of 2 March 2024:

  • Nearly three-and-a-half years as an editor with Welocalize, and 18 months as Lead Reviewer for English (Rest of World) Multimedia Content, though my role with the company has diversified a bit over the last year and I now wear a few similar but different hats. Wish I could tell you more about it, but NDAs and all that. I’m still trying to figure out how to write it all up for my LinkedIn profile.
  • This week I re-upped my subscription to MLB.tv so Mets spring training games have made for some nice background noise in the evenings. By the way, it’s not cheap anymore — €170 for the season! — so I’ll have to make it worth it.
  • The gym and I did not work out. Pun intended. Instead, in January I bought a proper pair of walking shoes: they’re ASICS trail runners, with a decent tread to deal with the uneven paths around here. And there will soon be enough of a grand stretch in the evening to get in some after-work strolls.
  • I recently moved Mastodon instance to Mastodon.ie, and you can find me there at @MacDaraConroy. Still don’t know why this site doesn’t show up as verified there, but then there’s a lot about this site I’m not sure about (like why my IndieAuth token doesn’t work, and why pages take so long to load). I’ve been putting off that lengthy email to Blacknight support for too long.
  • Starfield is a bit good, isn’t it? Bee’s probably disappointed I haven’t been playing it that much but that’s what I do, I play for a while and then don’t for a while longer before eventually returning.
  • Got a ticket to see one of my favourite bands of the moment, Horse Lords, in Dublin next month. And in June, Mike Watt returns with his band Il Sogno Del Marinaio. It’s been a while since I’ve been so spoilt. Currently on the turntable: the 50th anniversary reissue of Fred Frith’s Guitar Solos.
  • I’ve been so stressed out over my recent experience being more-or-less extorted for customs charges over two LPs from the UK I’ve already paid the VAT on that I impulse bought this Lego-compatible runabout from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It’s truly enormous; needless to say it’s gonna take me a while.
  • Repeating this from last time: Still masking up in public places. Still getting our boosters when available. Covid’s still here and it’s still no joke.
  • That’s it. Sorry if you were looking for more excitement. You can always follow this site’s web feed or my Mastodon account linked above for my usual nonsense.

You can find previous status updates under the #now tag.