Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

This is a Thursday? It feels like a Friday #tweet

Late to last week’s NXT but anyway: that Angel Garza/Lio Rush match, holy moly #tweet

Just checked the weather forecast and I don’t think we’re seeing sunlight again until 2020 #tweet

Two episodes left to watch of The Expanse s04 and can I just say how happy I am to have this show in my life #tweet

Was jonesing for a Macaroon Bar but have to say I’m disappointed in what I got today. There’s a lot less coconut than I remember #tweet

Email is not an option as the IMMA website contact form does not work and they don’t have a plain old email address like normal people. Too much friction in this process for 2019… > @MacDara #tweet

I’ve been saying this for years: he’s always looking at the octagon, never at his monitor. If they did a Monday Nitro-style desk he’d probably turn his chair around, too > @davidbix #tweet

The first wrestling match I ever saw in person was on this tour: Regal versus some bloke named Oz, dunno what became of him… > @RealKingRegal #tweet

I guess @IMMAIreland doesn’t actually engage on social media. Email on Monday it is, so > @MacDara #tweet

Best purchase in a while: the cheap Bluetooth adaptor I just got for my old iPod dock speakers. Works a treat on first test #tweet

It was all downhill from when Gordon Brown apologised to that bigoted woman > @MacDara #tweet

The surge of the pound isn’t about ideology, it’s about stability: the result brings perceived certainty re Brexit, and the markets love certainty. (The sheer amorality of that is related, sure, but distinct) > @MacDara #tweet

Bigotry won. Fake news won. There’s really no more to it than that #tweet

People seem incredulous that so many are deluded and have gone all-in on the worst kind and I’m like, have you been under a rock for the last 10 years? #tweet

Oh, and anyone who thinks ‘Corbyn’ was a bigger issue here than the influence of Facebook fakery is just Wrong with a capital W #tweet

If you think this result means Northern Ireland leaving the Union is happening any time soon, you know nothing about NI politics or culture #tweet

Finn Bálor referred to as ‘Prince’ on NXT; New Japan puts WCW-branded Starrcade In Tokyo Dome in NJPW World. Probably not related, but curious all the same #tweet

Don’t know how many eligible voters follow me here, and I don’t know if you need to hear this, but please don’t waste your vote today. Make sure the Tories don’t get in, for all our sakes #tweet

Cheers for all the NXT spoilers, people. It’s not like everyone outside of North America can’t legally watch it till tomorrow or anything #tweet

I mean, I think I’d probably hide in a fridge to avoid Piers Morgan, but I’m not the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom #tweet

First it was Chic last summer, then Lionel Richie announced for next year, and now Duran Duran? In the park down the road from where I grew up? This topsy turvy world is too much #tweet

Feel like this needs reiterating this morning. Can’t imagine why… > @MacDara #tweet

Just the worst news. René was fantastic as Odo of course but he was a regular voice actor, too, and he was an Altman guy in the ’70s > @bigmonsterlove #tweet

Maciej Cegłowski on ‘the siege of Carrie Lam’

“Carrie Lam is a Theresa May-like figure who seems to thrive on a performative stoicism, standing firm in the face of a self-inflicted crisis that a more capable politician would simply wiggle out of. She is a tragic figure in the same way that a pilot who points the nose of the aircraft at a mountain and refuses to listen to the passengers screaming for her to turn is a tragic figure. You puzzle over her motives while also wishing that someone, anyone, would throw her out of the plane.” Great analysis here on the protest the west has seemingly put behind it (because if the markets are untroubled…). #link

Looking up the setlist from a recent Jawbox show and it seems my favourite songs are some of theirs too #tweet

Weaknotes for w/e 7 December 2019

Lots of work this week, plus a visit to the doctor and a trip to IKEA. Not a lot of time for much else. I’m still watching The Irishman, as it happens, but it’s not unusual for me to watch films in chunks over days so I wouldn’t read too much into that.

Passed on an invite to the Star Wars presser as I’ve got a date at the aquarium. Hashtag priorities #tweet

Is it really 18 years since I went to see her play with Quasi, the first band to play the then-revamped Ambassador? (Yes, it is) > @MacDara #tweet

I’ve said it before: you could be lit up like the brightest Xmas tree and it won’t matter a jot if the driver isn’t looking > @NicolaBardon #tweet

Page me when the IFA blockades a Dunnes distribution centre, ‘cause there’s something about their about their choices so far that I can’t quite put my finger on… #tweet

No point sharing my Spotify thing as it’s basically Palm’s Rock Island on repeat plus a ream of things from all over the place I listened to for work-related purposes #tweet

Listening to Janet Weiss recall her fangirling over George Hurley is really warming my heart right now #tweet

Suggested changes for the next season of NWA Power: bring back that mid-‘80s green and blue ring apron, and don’t book Bram #tweet

If the George’s Dock rafting story does anything, I hope it encourages all of us to actively engage in what our councils do, or are supposed to do. And I mean their entire remit, not just the one or two issues that manage to capture attention > @MacDara #tweet

I can’t breathe through my nose and I’m out of Otrivine so this day is starting just swell #tweet

Did Van Halen have any hits in this part of the world other than ‘Jump’? #tweet

I was watching The Irishman with Chrome and the background artifacting was atrocious, on both Mac and PC. Switched to Edge on the PC and it’s grand now. WTF is up with Google’s video codec for Chrome? #tweet

I couldn’t get past the first song on the new Cattle Decapitation, it’s so feckin’ cheesy. Just play the new Exhumed or something actually good like that #tweet

VPN is giving me a headache so I’ll have to watch AEW Dynamite the old-fashioned way #tweet

Please go to this gig in Dublin on Saturday night because I cannot > @odubhda #tweet

Still waiting for this, as there remains a lack of clarity over what ‘printer’ means in this context (books/brochures vs general office stuff) > @MacDara #tweet

Typical that the Graves ‘apology’ is a non-apology as he takes no real ownership over what he tweeted, or why he tweeted it > @MacDara #tweet

Someone please point me to any news story over the last few days that explains why Leinster House has ever needed its own printing press? > @MacDara #tweet

Bump for the morning crowd! Enlarged Heart Radio #27 is streaming with guitars and drums and things that aren’t guitars or drums > @MacDara #tweet

Lost my bike lights between Dublin and Dundalk so had to walk my bike home. I’m not in a good mood tonight > @MacDara #tweet