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Metadata is the biggest little problem plaguing the music industry

It’s bad enough that music is missing the richness of metadata to give listeners context and background for recordings (streaming services don’t even come with high-res original artwork, for crying out loud) but when it means the artists themselves aren’t even getting paid? Well, we shouldn’t be so surprised; the music industry hasn’t been about supporting its artists for many years, if it ever was. #link

What the hey, it’s only a fiver: I just subbed to the AAA Twitch channel to watch TripleMania #tweet

#NowPlaying Truly - Fast Stories...From Kid Coma #tweet

I think I’ve finally cracked how to display Webmentions on my blog, at least between my own posts. Next task: to style ‘em up better, and to see if outside mentions show up #tweet

Film review — Creed

Creed is… less than what I’d expected? Maybe it was too much to want something different than what amounts to a near-literal retread of the original Rocky. And especially one that’s so impatient to get to an ending it neither needs nor deserves that it fails to explore and expand upon the unique aspects it really has going for it. When it does stop to breathe, those are the moments when it truly comes alive as its own thing. More…

Sometimes I forget we live close to an estuary, but that ‘salty seaweed cooked in the sun’ smell outside tonight is unmistakable #tweet

Why aren’t the lyrics for ‘Goat’ included on the lyric sheet for Shudder To Think’s Get Your Goat? #tweet

For what was supposed to be a day off, I did a fair amount of work today #tweet

I haven’t seen any of the #g129 since the first night, but I’ve got the day off so I’ll be damned if I’m missing Moxley vs Yano #tweet

It was already a bit suss that Village was strangely silent as the whole GO’D complex thing blew up, but now we know where they stand #tweet

If I can say one thing about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, it’s that the film makes very clear, in almost every aspect, that it’s a fantasy, for good and for ill #tweet

Just saw a fox on the Luas tracks at Beechwood #tweet

This rain, fuuuuuuuuuuuck #tweet

This is my first time in the Stella cinema — I mean ever, not just since its rebirth. Very fancy altogether #tweet

In the interest of full disclosure, this morning I’ve been filling up on scrambled egg and muffins at the Stella Diner courtesy of @SonyPicturesIRL #tweet

I’m supposed to catch the Luas to Ranelagh this morning. Wonderful > @Luas #tweet

Film review — Miracle Mile

Here’s a film of two halves if there ever was one: a meet-cute romcom spins off as an After Hours-style comedy of errors before sliding into decidedly grim apocalyptic terror. It’s all deeply weird and like nothing else I’ve seen, that’s for sure. More…

There’s WrestleMania IV, my first wrestling tape. I mean, who didn’t want a box with two tapes?! > @FSM_Editor #tweet

I hope this is just a bug/teething problems for the new system, but yeah, WWE should remember that actions always speak louder than words > @garrettkidney #tweet

Weaknotes for w/o 28 July 2019

In the middle of another long work stretch, eight days that ends this Wednesday evening. But it also includes a press screening on Tuesday so it’s not all bad. I’m looking forward to having a couple of days off to unwind later this week. More…

Now that Scale Image works so much better in GIMP, it’s almost a replacement for Photoshop for me #tweet

Watched the last six weeks of NXT over a couple of days. It’s good again #tweet

“A movie should be judged on its own merits, no matter what the director has done before” is a real quote I just saw on Twitter and now I want to eject myself into the core of the sun #tweet

Suffice it to say, the Northside wins for chaotic energy. But nice try all the same, Liberties > @sonofedge #tweet

Godzilla: The Showa Era Films box set

Look at how gorgeous this artwork is. And the individual covers within the set are just as fantastic. It’ll make it hurt that bit more if it turns out this box set won’t be getting a European release/can’t be played on Euro Blu-ray players. #image

All I want to know about that Godzilla Blu-ray set is, will there be a Region B release, or is it already region-free? Because otherwise GTFO #tweet

Haven’t seen the new Network interface in the browser, but the Android app seems pretty nice on first impression #tweet

‘Compo culture’ to my ears sounds an awful lot like ‘we all partied’ #tweet

Someone please write ‘Webmention for Dummies’ because I cannot make heads or tails of the scant documentation for user implementation that exists #tweet

Need to copy data between two powered external drives. I don’t have enough sockets to plug both in at the same time, so I have to middle-man the first chunk of data on a USB HD. I may be some time… #tweet

How can you tell that an Irish person’s successful? The media starts calling them British

“‘Britishness’ is, essentially, a slightly less nationalistic way for English people to declare how great England is, while deploying a meagre fig-leaf of imperial distance which, for some reason, they find more palatable. This allows the English to combine a heartfelt conviction of their own popularity, with a reflexive, toddler-like joy in grabbing things that don’t quite belong to them; and also enables their pesky habit of cheerily rendering ‘British’ anything else that isn’t nailed down, like countries, museum treasures and, latterly, Irish celebs.” Plenty more choice quotes where this came from. (Though we should probably like cricket more, especially considering how well we’re playing at Lord's right now.) #link

Blimey, €28 to see Battles in October. There’s only two of them, like. What do they think they are, stand-up comedians? #tweet

#NowPlaying Helms Alee - Noctiluca #tweet

#NowPlaying Screaming Trees - Buzz Factory #tweet

This is my first two days off in a row for more than three weeks and of course I don’t know what to do with myself #tweet

I’d forgotten Salvatore Bellomo was in early ECW. I also didn’t notice if Wrestling Twitter noted his death earlier this year #tweet

Sigh, I think the service I use to tweet my blog posts has choked on the RSS feed changes I made to re-include tweets as entries > etc @MacDara #tweet

Extreme-Music Pioneer Weasel Walter in Back Catalog (and Beyond)

There I was thinking to myself, I wonder if anyone’s done a round-up of Weasel Walter’s multi-faceted musical catalogue? Of course they have, and props to Brad Cohan for a great one. Now, should I pitch something along the lines of ‘Weasel Walter’s No Wave picks’? #link

Made some changes to my blog’s RSS feed. If you’re a subscriber you shouldn’t have to do anything. Not a subscriber? Here’s the link: macdaraconroy.com/feed/ #tweet

Debugging some incremental edits to my blog’s templates this morning/afternoon. How’s your Saturday? #tweet

Ten years ago I lived adjacent to the Iveagh Markets; walked by all the time, saw and smelled the stench of the building’s decay. I can only imagine it’s worse now > @UnaMullally #tweet

I haven’t watched that Top Gun trailer but I assume the film is just an advert for that white elephant F-35 #tweet