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So, it turns out Google Calendar has a limit on repeat-forever events, but the Calendar app on my Mac just ignores that and keeps repeating, which resulted in a messed-up duplicate work calendar. My fix was go to the last date of the event in GCal before the duplication starts in Mac Calendar, set the event to end on that date (not before making a note of any subsequent changes from the usual schedule) then start a new repeat event from the next appropriate day (and any edits as necessary) #aside


Google Maps’ Moat

This is incredible stuff. But I’m not the only one given pause by the scale of detail here, am I? #link


Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria

It’s a maddening catch-22 situation. Such mass preservation of knowledge is the kind of thing governments should be doing, but they can’t justify the expense. Private enterprises like Google can, but the fear of proprietary ownership of knowledge shuts the whole thing down. Gah! The best we can hope for is that Google (or someone else) continues the project for a future generation that will see its value to the whole over the objections of the few. #link