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Maciej Cegłowski on ‘the siege of Carrie Lam’

“Carrie Lam is a Theresa May-like figure who seems to thrive on a performative stoicism, standing firm in the face of a self-inflicted crisis that a more capable politician would simply wiggle out of. She is a tragic figure in the same way that a pilot who points the nose of the aircraft at a mountain and refuses to listen to the passengers screaming for her to turn is a tragic figure. You puzzle over her motives while also wishing that someone, anyone, would throw her out of the plane.” Great analysis here on the protest the west has seemingly put behind it (because if the markets are untroubled…). #link


AGFA/Shaw Brothers Hong Kong Classics

I made a list on Letterboxd of 30 Shaw Brothers films restored via the American Genre Film Archive for theatrical release in the US this year, just for my own future reference but it may come in handy for you. (By the way, it’s dead easy to make lists on Letterboxd; this one took me all of five minutes.) #link