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So, it turns out Google Calendar has a limit on repeat-forever events, but the Calendar app on my Mac just ignores that and keeps repeating, which resulted in a messed-up duplicate work calendar. My fix was go to the last date of the event in GCal before the duplication starts in Mac Calendar, set the event to end on that date (not before making a note of any subsequent changes from the usual schedule) then start a new repeat event from the next appropriate day (and any edits as necessary) #aside


Capturing sound from Mac apps on a budget

One relatively niche tool that I’ve found incredibly useful in my media doings over the last few years is Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack for macOS. Essentially it’s a one-stop shop for recording audio from any source on your Mac: you point it to where the sound is coming from, like an external mic or a VOIP app like Skype (to use examples I’ve relied on in the past), press record and bam, there’s a file, ready to go.

I can tell you it’s made the process of recording phone interviews much less painless, no faffing around with extra cables or hardware required. However, as great as it is at what it does — and its toolset goes way beyond my basic audio capturing requirements — it’s not cheap. More…


So you want to start a record collection

Good tips here. My collecting days are behind me, but I’ve got a few LPs, and there are a few more I’d like to have, but I need a better player to get the most out of them. #link


How to Enjoy Indy Wrestling

Good advice here. Shame I don’t have a promotion to go to locally, or one where I can have fun at any rate. But one day I’ll get to another RevPro show or few. #link