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Jushin Thunder Liger and Ebessan action figures, boxed for display

Look what I just picked up from the post office @Liger_NJPW @kikutarosan > @MacDara #image


Katsuyori Shibata and the Guilt of Being a Wrestling Fan

An honest piece by Ed Blair, here. Shibata joins Daniel Bryan in my list of people I never want to see wrestle again ever. And in general, I would rather wrestlers, whether my favourites or not, didn’t do this shit to themselves. #link


The future Mr. WrestleMania: Kenny Omega on New Japan, WWE, New Day

Here’s another one on Mr Omega, as Sports Illustrated goes deep with The Cleaner, at a time last summer when a lot of puroresu fans had written off his prospects in New Japan. I could see Kenny in a future WWE that prioritised variety over the outdated predilections of its chairman and his associates. #link


How Japanese Wrestling Is Body Slamming the American Mainstream

Just in time for the G1 Climax tournament that's five days old as I write (and has another three-plus weeks to go). Could have done with a more judicious edit (apart from the odd typo, there are quite a few factual errors a quick Google search would fix) but it's still nice to see wrestling get attention from non-wrestling media, and especially attention of the 'this is cool' rather than 'this is stupid' kind. #link