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Why is this story about Baszler (who is actually good) and not how septuagenarian Vince just plain sucks when it comes to spotting and nurturing talent? > @cagesideseats #tweet

Elderly parents get taken for granted by their adult children > @REDROMINA #tweet

It’s the weirdest thing, the notion video game companies have of games criticism as PR; it’s not a thing (at least to anywhere close to the same extent) in film criticism, or music > @plentyofalcoves #tweet

This is a brilliant move by the Galway Film Fleadh; accessibility, not exclusivity > @eibh_collins #tweet

This has some relevance to that ‘scam’ text I got yesterday (also this guy is NTA) > @AITA_reddit #tweet

Finished the Lanegan book today. It’s telling that he doesn’t devote even half as much space to kicking his own ass as he does to denigrating Gary Lee Conner for page after repetitive page > @MacDara #tweet

The only thing this is missing is ‘Let me tell you something…’ > @carnyland #tweet

I’ve got a brief guide to live music in lockdown over on the @BridgeheadMedia blog > @BridgeheadMedia #tweet

I got into the Minutemen before I had access to the internet; I cried when I read about D Boon, 12 years after the fact > @B_oySix #tweet

As someone who works in media: I think this stems from a completely misguided notion that ‘we don’t know what’s in their hearts’. But we don’t have to, that’s not a qualifier for racism > @Beschizza #tweet

Need to share this as it’s really good; RIYL Palm, Deerhoof, maybe Dead Rider? Yeah, that works for me > @ramplocal #tweet

I was at (most of) this performance, it was fantastic and now you can hear it too > @Weekertoft #tweet

Hate to break it to you, but this country already has social distancing issues. There’s a reason why the R rate isn’t close enough to zero > @rtenews #tweet

I'm willing to bet 90% of the protestors have seen Freddy Got Fingered. It is so well-made that it bounces around in your brain and burrows in, forming a dominant go-to pattern for your thinking. > @AntoMcG #tweet

Finally! Who was the genius responsible for this screen blight in the first place? > @verge #tweet

Leo speaking to the comfortable vote, ‘they get everything for nothing’ crowd here. Just spend a week in any DP centre, oh taoiseach… > @gavreilly #tweet

If you’re at a loss as to who’s doing what when Bandcamp waives its revenue share tomorrow, here’s a list of labels and their plans > @Bandcamp #tweet

I had a bad feeling about the Drake Maverick thing from the week it started, and knowing he won the interim title shot confirmed it. I think Drake’s a good guy, but his part in this is… not so good > @davidbix #tweet

Wrong headline. Try ‘American cities become battle zones as police use excessive force against racial justice protests’ > @IrishTimes #tweet

Just remembered about this gig: Ryley Walker played support and everyone was sitting on the floor and it was insufferably twee so I stayed in the other room. But he’s a prince of Twitter now and I can’t hate on him > @MacDara #tweet

Subject to change: Mike Watt / Melt-Banana / Voivod / Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins Alone) / Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno / Rush > @BBC6Music #tweet

Before I answer, let’s be clear that ‘black and white’ isn’t a genre. That being said, Sweet Smell of Success, with Young Frankenstein a close second > @Arts_Channel #tweet

FML literally everywhere I’ve checked is sold out of hair clippers. Clearly there was a run on them and no one told me > @MacDara #tweet

If I keep wheeling out my mundane Gerard Butler encounter (I sold him a CD player cleaner, just before he became mega-famous) maybe one day it’ll pay off > @MavenofHonor #tweet

Bee finally figured this out: I had to install iTunes, which I never before needed on my Windows PC, and suddenly the hotspot decides to work again. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU APPLE > @MacDara #tweet

I remember this! Didn’t the fight continue outside the building, Cobb County Civic Center in Marietta? > @Monsoon_Classic #tweet

I turned it off after half an hour but watched the rest today. Oh boy, it was not good. I’m sure Vince found it hilarious, though > @MacDara #tweet

I delivered the Northside People in St Anne’s. I can still smell the inky newsprint > @UnaMullally #tweet

So… they didn’t give notice for the switch this evening (think of the WFH crowd, like) and I had to scramble to set up the new router but now it’s done > @MacDara #tweet

This is actually really useful information and other councils would do well to follow suit > @DubCityCouncil #tweet

QANU? NOU? Fidelity Jones? Hoover? I’m house 8 all the way, baby > @beautypill #tweet

Our new modem/router arrived today; now awaiting deets on when the engineer’s doing the switchover > @MacDara #tweet

Three finally sent their ‘we have the new iPhone’ email, more than 24 hours after my actual phone arrived > @MacDara #tweet

After the last 90 minutes on and off the phone, I have officially begun the Switching of the Broadband, and now I can get to fretting about other things > @MacDara #tweet

The new Couch Slut album, by the way, is great stuff. As ugly, acerbic and honest as you’d expect if you’re familiar, but with beautiful new textures in the noise. A proper step up > @MacDara #tweet

This is just for second place; the real winners are The Rapture > @tabsout #tweet

This makes sense to me, though take it I’m a person who will bookmark something on his phone to read on the desktop > @JohnDiesattheEn #tweet

Ah, FG; bigots kick up a stink over makey-up BS and they immediately jump into vote-catching mode, which of course makes them just as bad, instead of, y’know, demonstrating responsible leadership > @tconnellyRTE #tweet

It’s Friday morning; I am a bag of lead, roughly tied into limbs > @MacDara #tweet

Where to start with this… The presumptuous overreach? The ‘social distancing’ hashtag when it’s two people in an otherwise empty field? The libellous ‘sun worshippers’ snark? > @gardainfo #tweet

Took a chance with the ‘Re-register’ option, managed to get through all the steps, confirmation email, clicked to log in… aaaaand it redirected me to ‘Re-register’. Simply not acceptable from a multinational, multi-billion-dollar business > @ThreeCare #tweet

Bret Hart. He was just the coolest; I was on board as soon as his singles run began after WrestleMania VII > @FiteTV #tweet