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Serendipitous to find this in my timeline seeing as I was in the presence of a cask of this stuff yesterday afternoon > @MacDara #tweet

Another cow! It’s a bad week on Ireland’s railways. Also a metaphor for something, probably > @MacDara #tweet

This is probably my finest ever tweet and I got nothing. Shame on all of you > @MacDara #tweet

One thing I neglected to note in my review of Extra Ordinary: nice use of Don Caballero’s ‘The Peter Criss Jazz’ > @thumped #tweet

Memory is foggy but I think my first was a double bill of The Hot Chick and The 25th Hour at the Buena Vista cinema (the former Grand in Fairview) > @andyffgibbons #tweet

Research lacking in this @verge piece on the new WWE Network, as users have indeed been left to start from scratch without their watchlists > @MacDara #tweet

I get why they’re doing this but it doesn’t make much sense for anyone outside of the Americas > @WWENXT #tweet

This is bad form from New Japan. The ref (and Ishii for that matter) should’ve known better > @Deadspin #tweet

Mike Watt said he dug my shirt. Mind you, it was a plaid shirt, so one could argue I was fishing for compliments > @jamesjammcmahon #tweet

My MA dissertation was on blogging and journalism, put laughably out of date by the rise of social media within a couple of years, but at least it pointed analysis in the right direction > @icod #tweet

Hasbro (has-bro?) laughing to the bank as MAGA hatters grab their copies to own the libs and never even make it through a single play because it's not even a game, it's just a troll > @nick_kapur #tweet

And there’s the solid evidence (if it were needed) that Bolsonaro and his industry mates are solely to blame for this disaster > @rtenews #tweet

This should have been included in the original press release. I'm fine with a 24-hour delay. I mean, how many Raws or SDs get watched on that ridiculous four-week hold? > @WWENetwork #tweet

Working headline: Rock puts rock on his rock > @WWE #tweet

So, this turned out OK? I could add more grounds and use more water for the finished product. And I think my coffee-to-milk ratio was off so it tasted a bit too strong, but I could have another one > @MacDara #tweet

If I wasn’t working Thursday evening I’d be going along to this > @seanlclancy #tweet

I’m supposed to catch the Luas to Ranelagh this morning. Wonderful > @Luas #tweet

There’s WrestleMania IV, my first wrestling tape. I mean, who didn’t want a box with two tapes?! > @FSM_Editor #tweet

I hope this is just a bug/teething problems for the new system, but yeah, WWE should remember that actions always speak louder than words > @garrettkidney #tweet

Suffice it to say, the Northside wins for chaotic energy. But nice try all the same, Liberties > @sonofedge #tweet

Sigh, I think the service I use to tweet my blog posts has choked on the RSS feed changes I made to re-include tweets as entries > etc @MacDara #tweet

Ten years ago I lived adjacent to the Iveagh Markets; walked by all the time, saw and smelled the stench of the building’s decay. I can only imagine it’s worse now > @UnaMullally #tweet

I am inordinately excited about the prospect of a Gorilla Monsoon action figure > @RingsideC #tweet

Having read more, now it seems like a case of the court playing legal football with the legislature, with prospective citizens’ lives as the ball > etc @MacDara #tweet

Thread on what seems like an astoundingly ignorant (if not poisonously xenophobic) judgment by our own High Court > @Aoifegg #tweet

Ifrah’s good people and you should listen to what she has to say > @guardian #tweet

7-Up here, either boiled (ugh) or with a spoonful of sugar; the latter the same principle as dropping a Mentos in a bottle of Coke, it turns out, only less explosive > @leftgayle #tweet

There is absolutely an insurance racket in this country and they’ve been caught rapid, as they say > @sinnfeinireland #tweet

I’ve heard it takes a while to get your pizza, but I am a patient boy… > @tbridge777 #tweet

Note he doesn’t say ‘cycling infrastructure’, just infrastructure, which defaults to motor vehicles. The almighty car (or van, or lorry) always comes first, to hell with cyclists or pedestrians or anyone else > @Shane_RossTD #tweet