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Raheny is my home area; the poor sequence change on that traffic island is a relatively recent phenomenon > @pmonahanjr7 #tweet

Seriously, though, what’s the necessity for an Oxford comma if there’s no ambiguity for it to clear up? > @guardian #tweet

OK, with Unyielding Love on the bill I’m really gonna try and make the Dublin show now > @dmepromotions #tweet

Justice Pain main evented the first indie show I ever attended, IWW’s debut matinee in Tallaght > @combatzone #tweet

Had to root around for change for the customs charge (which is the final insult) but I finally have this, five weeks after it was posted from the States > @MacDara #tweet

Funny story here: on Monday I filed a missing item report with An Post and queried the retailer again. Later that day, after weeks in limbo, the parcel magically reappeared on tracking > @MacDara #tweet

So… it turns out ‘refund protection’ is kind of a scam? Anyway, if Jawbox’s Electric Ballroom gig sells out I’ll have a ticket to flog online > @MacDara #tweet

STILL waiting for mine to show up, it’s been weeks now. Parcels from the US to Ireland just don’t take that long > @RingsideC #tweet

I was only listening to this album earlier today. Let’s see how much the shipping costs… > @Bandcamp #tweet

My name is MacDara, it’s Irish – yet Irish people seem to have the hardest time accepting it’s my first name, not my surname > @MarcusCVance #tweet

Man, I should’ve pitched this one! That Unwound box set is one of my better purchases. What a band > @Bandcamp #tweet

Paging @electricalsband (and looks like I’m getting a refund on my London ticket) > @jawboxofficial #tweet

Mixer (or its power supply, or both) still very much dead. Refund on the way, and support ticket lodged with the manufacturer so let’s see how that goes… > @MacDara #tweet

My Jawbox ticket is not yet in hand, but flights are now more reasonably priced so I might pull the trigger next week > @MacDara #tweet

This tweet of mine was unnecessarily passive-aggressive > @MacDara #tweet

I hope mine is one of these, since I pre-ordered it seven weeks ago > @RingsideC #tweet

Email is not an option as the IMMA website contact form does not work and they don’t have a plain old email address like normal people. Too much friction in this process for 2019… > @MacDara #tweet

I’ve been saying this for years: he’s always looking at the octagon, never at his monitor. If they did a Monday Nitro-style desk he’d probably turn his chair around, too > @davidbix #tweet

The first wrestling match I ever saw in person was on this tour: Regal versus some bloke named Oz, dunno what became of him… > @RealKingRegal #tweet

I guess @IMMAIreland doesn’t actually engage on social media. Email on Monday it is, so > @MacDara #tweet

Feel like this needs reiterating this morning. Can’t imagine why… > @MacDara #tweet

Just the worst news. René was fantastic as Odo of course but he was a regular voice actor, too, and he was an Altman guy in the ’70s > @bigmonsterlove #tweet

Is it really 18 years since I went to see her play with Quasi, the first band to play the then-revamped Ambassador? (Yes, it is) > @MacDara #tweet

I’ve said it before: you could be lit up like the brightest Xmas tree and it won’t matter a jot if the driver isn’t looking > @NicolaBardon #tweet

Please go to this gig in Dublin on Saturday night because I cannot > @odubhda #tweet

Still waiting for this, as there remains a lack of clarity over what ‘printer’ means in this context (books/brochures vs general office stuff) > @MacDara #tweet

Bump for the morning crowd! Enlarged Heart Radio #27 is streaming with guitars and drums and things that aren’t guitars or drums > @MacDara #tweet

Fruit from supermarket shelves is almost uniformly awful. Unripe bananas, pears that taste like papier-mâché? Blecch > @jonbecker_ #tweet

There’s my grindcore feature looking all fancy with the new @Bandcamp Daily layout > @Bandcamp #tweet

I graduated with a 2.1 in Critical Analytical Career Skills from UCD. Waiting for the corporate recruiters to come calling. Any day now... > @faduda #tweet

The first powerbomb I saw was by Sid Vicious, but no one did it quite like Big Van Vader > @KassiusOhno #tweet

I used to dislike the Winged Eagle because it looked so much smaller than the Big Gold Belt, but this is the correct assessment > @cagesideseats #tweet

Northside People paper round to 130-odd doors around my area, every Wednesday afternoon. My mam helped me fold the papers (she did most of it, really) before going out as they were too weighty to lug around otherwise > @GrimKim #tweet

This is historically the business model for a LOT of record labels. Even your favourite (unless it’s like Dischord or something) > @adultmomband #tweet

No they won’t, not in any meaningful way; verifying listings would mean implied complicity in illegal mass lettings they’ve been content to ignore forever > @BBCTech #tweet

Ah, the hoary old ‘you can’t criticise wrestling if you’ve never taken your knocks in the ring’ line. Last refuge of the scoundrel, that one > @TripleH #tweet

This is fiendish; I'm stuck on 3, 8, 10, 12 and 14 (and not certain about a few others) > @AmandaColeen #tweet

If WWE performers are going to unionise, this would be the best climate for it; they’ve never had so much leverage > @TrevorDame #tweet

Full stops outside quotation marks (unless a complete sentence) are correct for English on this side of the Atlantic, FYI. All this tells you is that whatever scab wrote it isn't North American > @Sir__Duque #tweet

I’ve watched every episode of NWA Power and maybe half a match from AEW Dark? Read into that what you will > @garrettkidney #tweet